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Windows, two ACC network. Start it starts in late August. Can we please stop talking about Clemson activates hormone the air and we use like every single day we're talking about Clemson Valvo comes at Zakho? Let me let me explain something though. The reason why we talk about Clemson is that they have done something that I don't think anyone really thought possible in that was not only compete with Alabama knowingly beat Alabama. But, but maybe take over to a small degree the reign of college football that Alabama has held for so long and I realized you live in South Carolina. So I can guess your, your fan loyalty, probably the worst for game cock fans. But they are the, the sensation of college football right now. So how can you nor them? Loyd him. But it's like every day is I dabbled swing but I know about you, would you would you agree or disagree? That when you go to four consecutive college football playoffs, and you'd beat Alabama two out of the last three times. I'd say big deal in this era. If you're from the SEC if you from. It doesn't listen. It doesn't matter where you are. If you're being objective intruder yourself, you have to admit Clemson has taken over. listen. It doesn't matter where you are. If you're being objective intruder yourself, you have to admit Clemson has taken over. I mean they've beaten you guys what five straight times. Yeah. After we beat in five straight times okay? I mean, the last thing years, explained to me you. I mean, that's what's so disappointing. I think is that there was such momentum and it all it all it all went away. So my question you wha-wha-what is going to get it back. Well, if you're talking about momentum I think we'll much town. I mean he gets a lot of flat happened at Florida. Yeah, but right now, we'll must-have has the South Carolina program going into right? The rich and his cO ask you again. Zac, hold on a second. Let's be real here. Okay. Big buildup. Big build up for the Georgia game they ran over you at home. I was there. I know what happened twenty 'cause Because I. I think it's the only year I can think that was last year. Okay. What, what I was once you get to a bowl game, which is down the street from your campus. And you get waylay twenty eight to nothing by a middle of the pack a C C school explain that one to me. Well, it reminds me of back in two thousand eight when we went down to the Birmingham bowl, and we love the pantley, the Yukon and then the next three or four years, what was happening. I don't know. You tell me we go. Why is it was some good days for gays? Give me a reason to get give me reason to believe in South Carolina this year while this year number one, the defensive line, more than any time since clowney was there. Okay. This year, Jay bit lead you got. You got clown. You. Gilmore anywhere. Stefan, we JC horn these pretty good. Okay. And the son of NFL player. That's great. There. There's just so far Gilmore. Now, the questions are at running back because the running game has been a Trojan Marcus Lattimore anywhere. No. But we don't really need market. So I know of course not. I mean peers into building, though. Oh, I know I know Marcus what, what, what's what was heard Zach? I've heard a lot of butts from you. But I haven't really heard any answers answers about what about why I should believe in South Carolina because it is a veteran team. Zach Naomi flow with that would have wrong answer answer me grow with much. And so this cockatoo. Have you seen the schedule? Yeah. Seeing schedule. It sounds like a lot opportunity. Yeah. It's also sounds like it looks like a lot of losses to me. And in, in the middle of October, you will be talking about South Carolina, and I will call back you're gonna beat Alabama. You're going to be Georgia beat Florida. You gotta be Clemson. All. About what had ten okay the last time they came all what happened. Yeah. Okay. I mean that's the best game cognition can do is remind me of the last time Alabama came to your place.

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