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Okay wait so that again and knows I needed again. Tell me again halo into ten. Yes go is yellow one to ten. I wet my marriage and my sex life is an eight I you can go well. Let's just keep doing the same thing over and over again. I love any rights right or in my method I will say when you've been at an eight you should call an eight a one. Okay so you want to start over and keep growing yes I think you we. I think humans humans came in with a bunch of problems and we're here to evolve our problem and that's the fun of being and so the more you you game the system the more you want. It's not I don't need more money. I make a nice living I vary. I not about the cars but it's about my dreaming and at pushing the envelope and having a vision right so whatever like you should every human should be having that much fun being alive. WE'RE GONNA be dead a lot longer than we're going to be alive rights right and so we get however long we get on earth and like really folks. It's smells good. It tastes good. You know there's so much to do on earth that you will never get to. Are you living and that like are you living your dreams and your beliefs of what's possible. Yeah and that's and so. When are you done with that when you're not here anymore? Yeah I'm pretty aggressive about I love. I love that because it to me all I keep hearing and what I read in the book and what my experience was doing the activities was just not that my life. If isn't good now but my life can be so much more full and I just realized that and I didn't even I wasn't fully aware of it you know Yeah but once you write it down and it's not it wasn't even a bad thing. It was a very like oh moment for me which to me is exciting like you said. I think it's super exciting. Yes yeah it's IT'S I. It's really for a type of wants to and it really works against depression and it works against you know. I had a client yesterday. Say that she very successful woman. Pray like embarrassingly successful woman. Yeah Yeah and then. What's he thanked me for is ever? Since she took over in dialogue get really unlike started doing this work. She hasn't been depressed ever again like it disappeared because she took over the narrative of everything that was depressing right like she got. Even depression was her own choice. Choice choice like anybody would sign up for it but like there was a way you can take over Utah Dialogue and really evolved past anything. Yeah well the book is called. Maybe it's you a highly recommended. It's been a very good experience for me Lauren. Where can people find you? Are you on social media media I am we are we are we are my Lord right you everywhere we are. I've we in twenty years later. We have a lot of contents out there. So the handle handout grew you know once you hit handout group you can get it. We have free. We have like we are given it away. UK Grain we we edit and our main program which is like a community we have group calls like you pay one fee? And you're in for tonight. It's called inner you and I and it's twelve sessions. Twenty five minutes each of teaching the whole method and the homework on there. And there's a you can get a buddy and meet people and there's classrooms that are all on zoom and I go on. They're like we're all like and we built a world for community across the world and and that's the book but on steroids. You mentioned that in the book because once yes you write out your dreams and Figure them out. You tell people that you want you want them to go read them to someone like a trusted person and that is so how important I believe so that it gets establishing that community. That's an awesome tool. I just wish people understood how much more fun licensed together. Yeah yeah like an an every I have never read their. It's very people that think they have enough great.

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