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Mass makes you sick and and nobody's Mass. He's doing anything except spread covid-19 twenty Twenty-One. So when we take off that mask when we refused ever because these viruses have been injected into most of us off and anybody that you know, I the flu shot, you know, they know the data from the wolf study and others the flu shot drives the disease the flu shot makes you 36% off or likely to get a coronavirus infection that seems because what what are you doing when you go after the influenza? Oh, you're using up that type 1 interferon that glutathione and what do you do age? Get a flu shot and wear masks the immune suppress even further so that you're just a walking megavirus and all of a sudden you get a sore throat and all sudden you get a headache and then they put that Q-Tip up in your nose and break blood-brain barrier and spread meningitis. And God only knows what because it's not sterile either so hated until people wake up. Absolutely. The real world that has is clearly showing a than any audience out. There. Are you today my audience is what we've been screaming about the mass studies forever. So they're nodding along with you right now. We all know this stuff because their studies actually show that before but in and be please let me know if you're short on time and have to go I have two questions from some users that were very interested to hear your take on a couple of things that I would be interested is 12:30. So I got a but another 20 minutes. Okay fantastic. So one of the ones that I got a lot from people and this is also something that I find very interesting is they wanted to know what in your mind how you see what's causing the oxygen loss with the rest respiratory problems and what time Are ventilators killing people? Well, so so the oxygen loss, you know, the again the mass depletes your oxygen. It's very clear 21% in 16% out of oxygen are metabolic processes. It uses it for every process in our body. We know that the viruses and that's mitochondria. Remember that's what that's what makes our ATP and our energy so mitochondria viruses go after mitochondria, and so virus is crippled your ability to make energy. So the more infected.

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