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The navy confirming that a fighter jet has gone down near key west during a training flight the pilot has adjusted the search and rescue efforts to locate the pilot or underway it happened about a mile from the runway at navy air station key west fourteens arrested in connection with false threats early this month at a shooting would occur at palatine high school those miners three palatine students in a former student aged fourteen to seventeen have all been charged in juvenile court with violations ranging from disorderly conduct obstructing a police investigation the threats prompting some parents to keep their children home from school on march fifth evanston police are calling the reports of a person with a gun on the north western campus this afternoon a swatting incident commander ryan glue explained would be to call well in a call synthetic call in the nature of that call would be to get a swat team response he says there was a phone call where a woman claims she was shocked by her boyfriend that woman has been found safe and the apartment where the call supposedly came from has been vacant since november the house has passed its first bill to improve school safety in the wake of the parklands shooting students staged walkouts nationwide including here in chicago the stop school violence act was approved with overwhelming bipartisan support it now heads to the senate it would authorize funding to train teachers and students to identify and prevent threats while democrats supported the bill they also wanna see votes on more gun measures president trump's nominees to lead the state department and the cia are gearing up for a confirmation battle rand paul becoming the first republican senator to say he'll oppose their nominations republican senator rand paul is ready to lead the fight against president trump's newest nominees paul told reporters he'll oppose the nominations mike pompeo for secretary of state n gina has spell for cia director over their views on enhanced interrogation techniques paul who was the only republican to vote against pompeii oh for cia director told reporters quote i'm going to do everything i can to block them are signs abc news capitol hill an army vet from chicago who served in afghanistan and is facing possible deportation will be interviewed thursday by immigration officials who may decide to grant him citizenship the.

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