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Tunities and mcc no everyone should be prepared for college and then if you decide algis for you then you can become a popper union never never just conveniently forgetting there's a lot of people who if they try college and fail will be so discouraged they won't try be and again late like this people don't wanna hear what the odds that someone with this test scores of graduating colleges say two percent and that's too low to justify keeping them on a college track it just disturb us to jack spares as well so the students why that go and find something that the student is good at wykes and as well right million in the united states the recession is such antagonist to this idea of setting you're setting your sites in realistic way and just trying to make an accurate forecast based on what's happened instead the mythology of the any kid can grow to be president this kind of on sense the washington chris rock community where he was laughing this and saying build anyone he anyone school can do whatever they want maybe four kids can do whatever they want most you know can't some why don't we go figure out something this actually possible i highly recommend that chris rock a netflix really good now there is i found a an interesting theory it was it was on slate and it was full of all of the atoms snark that you would expect from a slate article but it was talking about will the maybe this middle skilled labor shortage is just an unwillingness to pay competitively a businesses choose choose lower output and higher profit instead of feeling like before say raise their wages in attract more people the idea be it's called monopoly i hadn't heard that term before i it is that a a plausible argument to you know it's possible especially for a common occupationally plummer relaxation really makes sense of course it's true that employers don't wanna raise raises and the obvious answer when it went employer says shortages say raise wages.

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