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This is the political scene a weekly conversation with new yorker writers and editors about politics it's friday january 19th i'm dorothy workington executive editor of the new yorker for the fourth time since october the country is facing a government shutdown the republican congress has again failed to reach a compromise with democrats on the budget for 2018 yet despite these struggles with basic governance the republican party has made significant progress on achieving its longstanding goals including tax reform anti regulatory reforms and legislation designed to destabilise the affordable care act in an interview with cspan last week paul ryan had this to say what i what i'm excited about it we ran on a very specific agenda in 2016 and we we came around we all get consensus on what that agenda we call it the better way and now we're in the middle of executing john cassidy joins me to discuss what the administration and the republican congress are accomplishing amid the chaos hi john high dorothy trump will be celebrating his first anniversary in office this weekend at mara lago with a big fundraiser while republicans are desperately trying to avoid this shut down one point of contention is funding the health care of nine million children so let's start by having you quickly review how trump could have avoided this debacle the funding side there it is being going on for months now uh the embassy immigration side of it which you'll remember there was a famous meeting bucking september between trump and nuncia pelosi and chuck schumer which it looked like they had reached a deal the most to say they'd greece to deal on daca which is the uh obama era program we gave legal protections to undocumented immigrants who came here is as maynas basically people were brought in by that parents when they were kids the at least in theory is bipartisan support for the idea of extending uh legal protections for them but the trump administration for political reasons said they were going to win these protections bucking bucket a labor day on since then the two parties have supposed to be in reaching agreement on how to extend the protections for the dreamers and also trump is demanding obviously funding plays wall and also some other changes to the immigration law.

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