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Roll talent the most clench moment. Get it. Tough call. I mean, even the jersey numbers, but maybe the best way to this debate played out. Hid hid LeBron James MJ's commercial as a personal challenge tweeting. I'm ready. Oh, maybe were never mind back to. Bowl grim Bron here with some good humor. But we got to turn this into who would win Michael Jordan. Lebron James one on one in their primes. I got Michael Jordan, all the way, I gotta respect basketball players, and I'm just gonna say LeBron James, but it's gotta say before I just come in here. I don't think we have a clear cut and this this because even let's say we played one on one. Yes. MJ's highlight of both of their games transition, and then MJ's was his back down post game mid post game. But that's a two guards of his era wasn't against small Ford's. So the LeBron six nine to seventy back him down. He has an advantage on that on that part of the game. But if they played each other Pippi will be garden Brun pip pip would have that social out of context. So. But one on one we know you gotta go to golf tournaments. I'm not come on, bro. I'm I grew up. I grew up a fan of Michael, Jordan. I am let respectful LeBron's James right now. Brian is bigger and bigger because Brian is bigger he wins. He's bigger faster stronger. Going get all the rebounds play bully ball them. Any shoots better lowered. And bully ball more. About what are you one? Guy handles are clearly better than the other guys as true hula. Bras, been I Mike wasn't Mike. I appreciate it. Handle Mike was got to the point got to got his book. Is he wasn't out this show bone with? I'm going to step in with the handle is far better than LeBron's Michael's? His first step Michael's going to get to the whole nine. I can meet you places that. I've never saw anybody deal with Mike at the rim. So why am I supposed to believe that the Broncos that dinosaur didn't play in? Lebron is when we say about Cam Newton dinosaur. They don't make them anymore. They made the broad. They say they made another Michael Jordan. No. But you know, what they made another Michael pairs of standing in line in terms of talent they made more than Michael, Jordan. Let's just be real have signal to sixty that can run as quickly as somebody who's playing to one or two came on his fast. Michael Jordan every position on the court. Mike was in a league wasn't considered one of the fastest this first step in basketball. Absolutely, correct. And that's what six nine guy can meet him at the rim differently than a A six. six. Toko cut him off with angles and beat them. When leverage it's going to be insane. It wouldn't even be close in terms of that in of stopping one on one bully ball. Look, I can't play basketball. But trust me this conversation. Back down, get rebounds. And pseudo view all my childhood says says, no. But now, I'm looking at the body types in structures would beat Michael too far. Lavar ball would be my. Right now, you see the fingers on joy glad Craig for the fingers. It's a new day like VIN rains in this. Michael happy to I thought Mike was really challenge. I really thought it was coming grateful. Welcome back with lock Walli favorite segment of the show anti-social. Yeah. I Don L Smith our social media here launch central what the big victory over last..

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