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Want girls in the boy scouts i'm going to say y'all's gives there but i'm going to say girls don't need the be the boy scouts y'all got the girl scouts can't we have something can i be a man cannot be who i am getting my sandro the be a little boy without having to deal with women will they get married got there would have been a rather life let him hang out with the fellows i mean jays the i'm upset living in a different society i am i am i cradles of all must make a french but one the always evident where moslems of the stupid here i'm just saying eight six six five five one nine nine third who has got to the phone less james hit me i hear me you like the ember james yeah i'm here are you like the amount you've got well i just want to let will goya florida killing showing he goes on a lot of authority on list but what i understand allowing them is not exactly the right word the they're gonna start having troops genderspecific it's going to be a group of boys a group of girls but unlike now the girls will be able to go all the way to eagle scout in so they're they're still separations as far as gender and the leadership of the women shah is gonna be thrown women as well um so uh uh uh what i've heard about this i hadn't heard anything specific about through the.

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