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But like when you look at Laura Sanchez. He took first of all his wife who is separating from is actually, very like smart miles. You were saying Tony Morrison was her teacher at. Oh. Wow. Was that she was my greatest student, richer, whatever sin taught her amazing how lucky and so lure Sanchez when she used to be you know, man on the street reporter local news reporter, which is kind of a bad ass job ever friend who did that. And she was like kicking down doors and getting like punched and shit. Like, it's a Lawrence answers doing that. She was especially when she did good day LA to become to become a local news report. Sure, you gotta be in the in the shit for a period of your career like navy seals training. Right. But now she has started a new career where she launched a business where she is a helicopter pilot who shoots footage for films. She shot footage for Dunkirk. She has a credit on Dunkirk. Yes. She her, and she is a helicopter pilot. So she learned how to be a helicopter pilot was like, man. This is a lot of fun gills gills. Yeah. Oh, wow. So I mean, he seems to be sticking with that. Because it seems like she could stage a helicopter based. Break. Tell me about your skills. Mom. Copter pilot. He's like how are you with lock picking right? Picking safe cracking. Right. I speak nineteen languages. Yeah. Makes disarma- bomb. Yes. I know how to do more cold with my eyes. There's also some shit in the National Enquirer that was like leaked text messages that are just creepy. But I don't know if they're real. Yeah. But if they are really love you alive. Girl was a text. He sent her with the foot that I love you comma alive girl now, it's better than I love you alive on a girl, but right alive girl being name is everywhere. It just sounds like an algorithm. Trying to fuck you alive, curl. And then the other one said I will show you with my body and my lips, and my is very soon. I want to hold you tight. I want to kiss your lips. I love you. I am in love with you. I want fuck. I know. Going. I think Matt drudge wants us all to know that that's the future. At least the drudge report is always eas- showing his ass a little bit because he has a very clear robot sex bias, I'm biased towards them. He just reports on any robot sex story. Okay. He's like they're coming. We are coming. Yeah. Yes. Look third world prison. That's kind of a good. I thought it was when I started reading that excerpt like women. There was like. Problematic pickup artists type should. And then he's like a woman who gave me into third world prison. About the drop some Neil Strauss. All right. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. Mazi wash Brooklyn nine nine. Of course. I watched Brooklyn. Do you watch Brooklyn nine nine I love Berlin and three episodes. I don't have of epic by. But it does. It's one of those shows not only is it hilarious. But it said diversion, it makes you happy to watch. And is good joke writing. Yes joke writing. And now it's coming to NBC. Thank the Lord yet. They saved this show. Don't miss the premier Thursday January tenth starring the hilarious. Andy Sandberg Andre brower Terry crews and Stephanie bat three oh, an amazing cast. It's no wonder the show won the.

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