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She said you're musk uh you're reading a book on the ice we have to ask you eat rodney ealham musk express this again pat this past weekend the aai is any liens words in existential threat to humans like like it's like the guy seen all the terminator movies he knows agree or disagree rodney brooks says they're quite a few people out there who said that a is an existential threat stephen hawking astronomer royal a martin reese has written a book about it they all share common thread in that they don't work in a exactly for those who work in ai we know how hard it is to actually get anything to work by through the product level and i think people were on the ground with ai realized that it's it's it's primitive even things like a amazon's echo war siri he says the reason people including ealham make this mistake when you see somebody do something like play chester a go master and the we understand what's involved because we understand how humans think we understand the competence and the of the training and the and the brain's at a takes but when you see for instance deep mines alpha go beat the chinese go champion you're you're you think office machine is so smarter can do anything he said but i was with deepmine in london about three weeks ago name it had things could easily goverry wrong you can't do anything now it's really good and playing the play go it's a machine if you used any of the sort of bought seamer messenger bots yeah if he used any of those you know a ias sort of not syrup is so why's eleven right it's not it's not sophisticated so and then and then a she said we'll elands point is we need to regulate it before it gets martin right it's not smart yes i know it's not smart but it's gonna get smart we got a regulated now rodney brooks says so you're going to regulate now well and this is very i thought of you greg fair when i read this logical refutation he says amherst if you're gonna have a regulation now either it applies to something and changes something in the world that exists or.

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