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Very inspirational four. Am in the morning talks. I listen man. I i like to think of a real trooper. The boys before clock. I don't know how you do that. Man i watch you sometimes at four four in the morning you put the screen shot or your watch. Sometimes you get up every day and hit it at four in the morning. Gosh must be tough. Well you know. i'm not as gifted as you. dan. I gotta put any extra work. That's the way it goes my whole life. Yeah no you are. You are listening there. There are a lot of bad asses out there. Man but you definitely walk the walk jaakko. I very concerned as a number of my friends are in a lot of my listeners. Getting tons of e mail on it. Even my wife hit me up last night about this. She's like dan. I can't believe we left all this equipment behind eighty four billion dollars in equipment. Some of it was intended for the afghan army made it into the hands of the taliban. This stuff concerns me. I mean it's bad enough. We were embarrassed and we left behind left behind transport planes jaakko but what worries me is three hundred fifty eight thousand five hundred thirty assault rifles. Forty two thousand. Excuse me sixty four thousand three hundred sixty three heavy machine guns one hundred twenty six thousand pistols envy. Jeez night vision goggles. I mean one of our tactical advantages. I mean no one knows better than you. I'll tell you this of our special forces is our ability to operate small units with basically light arms and to basically own the night. That's what you guys do. You operate at night to the point where i had a helicopter pilot once told me when we were in the secret service. He was the the million at the time. He's like he he. He wasn't even accustomed to fly anymore. During the day he was so used to the green at night. You know this worries me now. Our enemies have that opportunity to have that great equalizer. They'll never match our training jaakko leaving the equipment behind major major mistake. I made that video. That was Hey if i was president..

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