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C m had some issues with the pacing as i've mentioned and documented on this program but then we landon as bread that finished within minutes of landing and i was like i have to see to smoothie tonight kyw hallet yes um and i really just took advantage of my new york la privilege of early releases i went by myself to go see it ends um you know went went had io headfirst into the waters of this adaptation and was of course disappointed because how is it going to live up to a to a book where every characters emotionally he realized and fleshed out there and so didn't like it and then i just had a let me say this i will decrease dust there is a whisper network of gay men and to square people who do not like homebuyer him the movie and i count myself i'm it out myself as i would say you were you were really holding back right now because you'll literally have said to me and quote and i quote now luck that move i did not say that had fucked that i did not say that you said you hated it i mean out someone else right now go ahead front of the show prior guests of the pod drawn early while your art sumargono sir john is a public figure igf no no this is what happened you'll get apart in trouble doubt about john i know how has the biggest five two player has had five five his up i have shoes and more and the singing and but locals well john this with it so drawn tweeted literally this this was a converters of call me by earning things before i stepped into the movie i i'm on twitter as as we uh what is the tools and then i see john tweets commie by your nar and everyone is like wall waas incendiary probably got many reactions i've got a lot of reactions and i was i imagine as like okay i guess john hunt and like the movie and i launched a and i will say competently say did not color my.

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