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John Lund Pop in line here on a Monday man on the home a guest line. It's Matty Naoko, NBC Sports Bay Area. What's going on? Matt? How are you? I'm doing great. Um yes, trail and throw it around a little bit on Friday, so that was that was climbed to actually get out there. Sees some semblance of football wasn't 11 on 11. They weren't pads, but it was still football. So what about week 8 40 Niners at Bear's Trail. Lance versus Justin Fields? Yes or no? Who, um My guess is that one of those, too We'll be starting and I still think that Jimmy Garoppolo is a good in a fella quarterback. And so I'd say that the my my prediction, and I guess I haven't been great with predictions this offseason, but, um my prediction would be that it'll take an injury. Um, for Garoppolo, Uh, just for Lance. To see the feel is a starter. Um, because I think if Jimmy Garoppolo is healthy, and he's out there playing I think the four years will win a lot of football games and as long as they're winning, and I know that in the Bears game, though, it's two weeks after the bottle of director of the October 31st. Yeah, but I think the thing that we look to is kind of where, Where's the bye week? Yeah, they're gonna advise on the chance that the week after that they play the 24. So it's two weeks after the, but yeah, So I think when you have a team that's not very good. And you don't expect big things from them. I think you you have the luxury of looking and saying, Hey, there's the bye week. You know we can mix the player in. We could mix a rookie quarterback in for you know a few snaps here and there and then let's ramp it up during the bye week and let's get that guy going. For coming out the bye week, but 40 Niners are are different animal. I mean, it's this season is not about Hey, let's get traded Lance out there. Let's live through the ups and downs of having a rookie quarterback and let's just kind of muddle our way through this season and then let's let's get it going in 2022 2023. That's not what this year's about this year's about winning. And if it's Garoppolo gives them the best chance of wedding. And if he as I think pretty much we all expect it's going to be the starter week one. Then if the team's on a roll, you know there's no reason to make that switch unless they see something and practices in the meeting room were like well, like our you know, Acropolis playing okay? Yeah, he were winning with him. What we think we could be so much better with Trey Lance, So I I just think that My my gut reaction is said we could talk a little bit more about this later. But you know, it's good. His tree Lance looks and again seven on seven, so not not a great indicator, But I just think that the winning football games is really the number one goal for this season. Where is I think a lot of teams that have the number three pick. And take a quarterback. You're winning games. That rookie year isn't necessarily the number one goal because for a lot of those teams, they're so bad that that's not realistic. And two years ago, this team was seven minutes and 13 seconds away from one of the Super Bowl. So you watch Trey on Friday. I went down on Saturday morning and watched him and just the smoothness in everything he does under center. Shotgun pistol. His footwork is one point. The ball comes out of his hand. Just beautifully and all throws, especially ones over the middle E powers the ball. On the hash marks in college or wider, But even the pros you can see the arm strength onto the back side left you through a couple of deep shots. But Jimmy's Ah, good thrower of the football as well, and I think Jimmy's arm Talent is underrated, and I think they're gonna get him on the field side by side, Hopefully coming up a week from today, But just from just watching the ball come out of Trey Lance's hand, because obviously he if they're not doing a whole lot of you said Just watching the ball come out of his hand. What did you see from that angle? Yeah, I mean, well, I'd even start before that is you alluded to it like the footwork and a lot of times when you have a rookie coming in, you know, the footwork looks good. It just looks like it's in slow motion, you know, because they're being taught. You know, kind of new things that college quarterbacks don't necessarily go through these days. But you know, I thought is, I thought you just look smooth all the way through it and look natural, and he looked like he had been He's been extremely well coached all the way through. And I think that's one thing that maybe we've lost sight of that. Yeah, he played it. North Dakota State. You know, they're not You know they're not the bull Syriza's caliber football, but it's a slightly lower level. But he got great coaching and North Dakota state, and they did a lot of things. You know the play action where you turn your back to the defense, The footwork. Hey, got great coaching from his private quarterbacks coach Quincy Avery. And then as you mentioned, I mean, it just looks so natural and so smooth, And when he you know when he throws the ball, he's not like Gearing up and just go on for that reaching back and thrown it to get more juice on the ball. It just comes out effortlessly. So I was Just the eyeball test, man. He passes it, you know, And his is throwing motion is any elongated, Um, he looks like he has. I don't know if we should even toggle pocket presence because when I saw there is no pass rush, but, um Yeah, He just he. He looks the part and he he looks the part not only on the field, but in talking. You know, the just those sound bites that you guys played when I was coming in. I mean, he just, uh You can see why is the number three pick in the draft and you almost wonder got they had played a full season. If he played a 2020 season like he played in 2019 would there have been talk? You know who's the number one pick in the draft, but he put him in that put himself in that category with Trevor, who would Trevor Laurence. I don't know. But, um Would say first impressions since coming here, man. Four years have to feel pretty good about the pick. They made it. Number three. Miyoko, NBC sports the area with us. The team announced the signing of wide receiver Marqise Lee earlier today. What's your take on that and what they're sort of tracking toward doing at the Wide receiver position. Well, it's a cliche but angry. You can probably back me up on this. He looks like a man amongst boys because he's a veteran, You know, he's played what 60 games in his career. He's had a couple of good years which acts and Bill and he was out there in a trial basis during the rookie camp, and he just he looks good. Um and so he comes in to compete for job You know, he is not guaranteed. Roster spot by any stretch. In fact, I mean, you could probably say that he's a bit of a long shot. He hasn't played much football the past two years actually passed three years got injured in 2018 didn't play it all from an injury in the preseason and then 2019. I think he's kind of slow to come back from that significant injury, And then he only saw action and about Sixteen's that year, and then the Jags cut him and he went to the Patriots and often doubt and then before even got on the field with the Patriots. They're cutting him so he doesn't have a whole lot of coincidence. And when you look at the wide receiver position right now for the 40 Niners I mean, you know, it's not a group. Necessarily that you just look at it. Go. Wow. What a collection of players they have. But you know you gotta love Debo Samuel and Brandon. I you So you know, those two guys are your starters. And then you know, I think Trance sure Field will make the roster because the special teams if Jalen Hurd is healthy, think you'll make it And then you have a bunch of guys who are kind of battling you When you look at writing, Richie James should make it but Mohammed Sunu Travis, Benjamin, Marquis. Cicely, You're Kevin white trying toe. Get his career back on track..

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