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How freedom feels on the Phil Valentine show has a YouTube feel to it doesn't it though? I know I look I love the beginning. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Starts off kind of Jimi Hendrix yet. It goes into you too. Yeah. It's y'all too. Yeah. It was really strange. I got home. You know, what I'm doing show prep this morning, and my wife loves to write on when she's trying to remember something. And I look, and I see that when way freedom feels oh she must have listened to the show. I told her I said did you listen to the show yesterday? Does. She know she said, no, Dan Demet sent that to me and wanted you to hear it. And I said, well we played it yesterday. Yes. Small world is a very small world. Well, they need to release that they do it could be a big hit especially right now. Yeah. Absolutely right now, it's perfect time for I don't even know. I didn't ask Dan win. They recorded that you know, when they record. I am. I don't have a clue. Okay. Darryl worley. Boy, got a great voice. Jimmy, man. He does how freedom feels and girls. Love it. I remember standing outside a restaurant it right here in New York City not far from here. And there was here. And we were standing at talking, and he said man, I gotta get back, Tennessee. Time we were up there for the convention when that's exactly right. I said man, I'm the same way. It just, you know, Washington I love, but New York is just so crowded with those people are listening to sh- which know I love New Yorkers though. Because like every time I call Westwood One. I have more fun talking to these guys because they're funny, and they also like if things break down, I'm notorious for getting really upset because I just I like everything to run smoothly. And if it doesn't, and they don't take it personally if I do they're used to it. Yelling screaming stuff. Again, they say, oh, man. Don't worry about it. We're we're right with you. New yorkers. Exactly. No. I loved the folks. I mean, I think it's, but it's just too many of them. Yeah. I love about my my wife is spoiled me because we now live out in the country. And I I make people upset that come to visit because I don't want to drive in Nashville and deal with the traffic and deal with all the people, I usually will take them somewhere out in the country to eat, and it was just more. I'm more attuned to that right now. We're country boys. John. Yes, we are. And we can survive we were talking about capitalism in the pope, and this kind of stuff. What is interesting is Michael Moore who has done movies about how horrible capitalism is well his ex wife who by the way. Here's a fellow filmmaker she's been with him since the beginning. When Roger and me she worked on that too. And then they ended up getting married and they've been married for twenty three years and they've split in two thousand fourteen or they were married for twenty three years. And now she's suing him saying that he screwed her over on the on the movie profits. Now. How's that for a guy who talks about capitalism, and here he is he's making all this money me screwing his ex wife over on the money. Her name is Kathleen Glenn. And she and the Farren height nine eleven director split in two thousand fourteen she was the driving force in the making of many of his films and other ventures in which Mr. Moore was the featured personality dating back to their first big success. Roger and me in nineteen eighty nine. Her attorney bunny, raven says in the new Manhattan supreme court suit. Glenn also produced the Academy Award winning bowling for Columbine about the Columbine high school massacre and Fahrenheit nine eleven. That was the highest grossing documentary film of all time, by the way, believe it or not the suit claims that Moore has walked away from a binding arbitration that was required to flesh out the terms of an important provision in their property settlement. This all according to page six today Glenn claims that Moore's trying to obtain all the benefits of their two thousand fourteen settlement in which she signed over sensually Oliver interest in the fruits of the party's joint efforts as filmmakers in exchange for a promise of future revenue sharing by more. He was supposed to be your four percent of the total revenue from his creative works, but he gave her just five hundred forty one dollars in two thousand fourteen. Now, here's a guy who is always bashing capitalism and says social, and here's a capitalist himself, and he screws his wife over he's supposed to give her four percent of the total revenue. From his movies. He gives her five hundred and forty one dollars. That means he would have pulled in just thirteen thousand dollars during a seven month period. And you know, he's making more than that these movies and she's not buying the amount of income. He reported to the IRS. Yeah. You want to know what he reported the IRS negative three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in two thousand fourteen and negative two hundred and twenty one thousand in two thousand sixteen so the guy is screwing the taxpayers. He's Tom the rich need to pay their fear sheer this guy claiming that he lost three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in two thousand fourteen and at a negative income of two hundred twenty one thousand in two thousand sixteen is anybody believe this from this guy? And I've often said to about these folks that say we we need to be paying more in taxes. Do you itemize? Will you know? Apparently, he is because he's writing off. Why don't know what it must be as food Bill? I mean that I could see. Yeah. He's literally. Eating the prophets this guy, and he's left his wife or his ex wife with nothing when he promised her four percent of the total revenue now, this is gross revenue. So you get total revenue that comes in. And then she you know, that's part of the expenses. She gets four percent off the top. Then he pays expensive and he's trying to tell her. He hasn't made any money in the last two to three years. So what happens now with this new movie coming out because it's coming out soon? Isn't it? I think so it's supposed to be coming on October. It's bound to be October because he's doing it right before the midterm elections. That's why does this stuff is to try to sway the voters and a very rarely has any impact. But it's coming out. So he's got another movie coming out, and she'll probably get screwed on that by Mr Michael Moore who talks about how horrible capitalism is yet. He's screwing his ex wife, and and one of the creative forces of his movies. It's pretty typical though. Isn't it reprehensible, but typical we have now, ladies and gentlemen,.

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