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What's the record for most miss sweeps in a season period so including teams that did eventually ernest weep at some point. 'cause i was guessing that the pirates already held the record for most miss weeks before the first successful sweep in a season and ryan confirmed that the record for most outright missed sweeps since nineteen hundred is nineteen by the nineteen thirty philadelphia athletics and he confirmed that since one thousand nine hundred the record for most miss sweeps to start a season was eleven by the nineteen thirty nine pirates again. It's the pirates kind of a consistent theme here but yeah the pirates just a looking at their schedule for the rest of this season and seeing what their chances of A sweep are doesn't look great for them. They are playing the marlins right now. That's their best chance so if they could sweep the marlins then they could get off the schneider here after that they play the reds for three games than they play the phillies four games. It would be even tougher to sweep before game serious. And then they have the cubs again for three and then they finish this season against the reds so their best chances really come against the marlins this weekend and against the cubs in the last season of september. But they've already made history they could make even more history if a stay sleepless for the rest of the season. I'm so impressed by how many times you managed to say. Sweeps eating goof it up even one time ben. Yeah that's your proof house we it is to call back to some old effectively weld episodes in. Yeah this is not something i ever would have noticed. I guess it's frustrating to be poised on the precipice of sweep so many times and not to seal the deal. So that sucks. I had The lavar voice. Joke and song. That i told you off air second my head for lakes now. Our listeners did not hear it. You wanna share it with them. They he should record a cover of the eagles and sing it. You can go lavarnway. Yeah i not had that stuck in my head. Fortunately for days and days and days. Oh no yeah all right well. Good step blasts good questions. Good research. Thanks to everyone involved as always understood. Shout out a little extra fun factor. That i was hip to buy twitter and listener aiden jackson evans who tweeted prior to friday's game. That joey gallo needs one homer and twenty one more strikeouts in the next fifteen games to achieve a full nelson and what he is calling. The full nelson is more home. Runs and strike outs in a single season than nellie fox had in his entire nineteen season career so now fox Former white sox second baseman hall of famer sort of the metrical of his day. He had thirty five home runs and two hundred sixteen strikeouts in his entire career because he never really struck out and he didn't have a ton of power. Joey gallo entered friday's game with thirty five home runs and one hundred ninety six strikeout. So almost the full nelson and he has since homered in friday's game so he has surpassed smelly fox's career run total this season and he is well on his way to surpassing his career. Strikeout total and i just ran a quick stat head query to see who else had the full nelson in the past this players who've had thirty five or more homers and two hundred sixteen or more strikeouts in a single season. It's mark reynolds in two thousand nine. Adam done in two thousand twelve and chris davis in two thousand sixteen and i would guess that gallo will be the fourth sometime soon. The only player who has had the strikeouts but not the homers the half nelson is yoan moncada in two thousand eighteen cool. Yeah that's a sign of how things have changed to in also just How much of a contact. Outlier now fox was even in his day. But yeah that's doing for you constantly breaking the scale all right so that will do it for this week. Thanks as always for listening. Well eat your heart out. Howard empty your ninety nine year old record for the most hit by pitches in a single season has been broken on friday night after we finished recording padres reliever austin adams issued his twenty fourth hit by pitch of the season he has pitched only forty nine and two thirds innings the recipient of number twenty four was cardinals catcher yet ear. Molina looked like the pitch him on. The back of the arm. Adams really seems mad at himself every time it happens. He shouts looks down at his hand. As if to say how could you be paying me like this at this point. He can't be that surprised. Max bay on twitter did some analysis of his pitches locations and he found that earlier in the season maybe adams was getting a bit unlucky with how often his pitches were hitting people but that lately his expected hit by pitch rate has spiked to the point that on average would be expected to hit about six batters per hundred pitches just based on where his pitches have been. And this one was pretty unavoidable. It wasn't eighty seven mile per hour. Slider and molina was fine. Padres manager. jason. Taylor said i get the narrative. He gets the narrative. They're all sliders. This guy's not hunting. This guy's not throwing ninety five mile per hour fast balls and hitting guys. Yeah that's true but even so it just doesn't seem like he knows where his pitches are going. It's gotta be tough to bring a guy in there's like a near certainty at this point that he's going to hit someone course. It's also tough to bring a guy in when there's a good chance that he's going to give up runs and he's been doing that a lot lately and he did that in this game. Play log was doubled left. Strike out swinging walk. Wild pitch hit by pitch then adams was replaced by rusted. Who allowed a grand slam to dylan carlson. And that made. What was a four to cardinals. Lead in eight to cardinals lead. And that's where it ended up. So shockingly the vince. Velazquez austin adams. Ross detweiler pitching plan. Did not pay off adams over his last seven appearances has hit seven batters and perhaps more importantly to the padres is allowed. Ten earned runs so you may not be seeing him in a lot of high leverage situations but he has already made history to cap off one of the weirdest seasons of all.

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