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The county is home to seal Beach Naval weapons station and Los Alamitos Joint Forces training base in Orange County. Corbin Carson Kay finding L. A county health officials say there are still plenty of available times and places to take a Koven 19 tests. Health Services director Dr Cristina Galley says they've had to close some sites because of the heavy smoke from nearby wildfire today. There are two county supported sites that are closed one in Panorama City and Wanna DHHS Clinic site at El Monte Comprehensive Health Center. But Galley says the remaining 25 County or on science and those operated by the city of L. A. The state and private vendors are still running. She says. Testing turnaround times have improved and says testing has dropped off about a third to a half of what it was a month ago. Steve Gregory Kate, if I knew, the director of the CDC has told a Senate committee his agency, scientific Integrity, has not been compromised and will not be compromised under his watch Dr Robert Redfield's his reports the Trump administration tried to gain editorial control over CDC is weekly scientific reports. Are not true. It deeply saddened me. When I read those comments Admiral Brett Jer Wa, who runs the administration's testing effort, also testified he has not seen a deep state. Redfield also told senators a covert 19 vaccine could be available as early as November. But he says masks might offer more protection. President Trump says masks may help, But the vaccine will be very powerful and a student at Western Illinois University has been arrested for allegedly shooting his roommate in their dorm office of Public Safety. Interim Director Derek Watts is that shooting happened last night, September 15th. Western University off the public safety was notified of a student had been shot in Thompson Hole, the same same time a smoke alarm was activated. Thompson Hall in the building was evacuated. A male resident, Thompson was shot by a person know to him who then fled the scene. Shooter turned himself In this afternoon, All classes at the university were canceled today. It's slow on the 14 in Newhall. This's the North.

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