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Motion every single stride. Adidas forty forward designed to move you forward yes so for. I want the official count. I believe this is the fourth time that we've had the special guests on. He is proudly texan. He comes via of espn ladies. And gentlemen mr ben. Baby ben how are you. I'm okay sorry for running late. Y'all it's been a very hectic day as you can tell him a very disheveled. My background very disheveled which is described state It's been very hectic eating. But i'm very glad to be on with all it's always a pleasure. Go drunk. no it's awesome to get you back. Ben obviously we understand. It's a busy time out there. In in in cincinnati in training camp right now i believe like cats role of athletic was saying i forget to eat breakfast lunch. How how's the camp grind been now the two weeks into it honestly. This is probably been there have been some stuff that we will really get into but This has been the best camp. I think i feel the most situated So far in camp. I feel like you know when twenty nineteen was trying to get a fuel. An nfl training camp looked like you know. It's not something that we really dealt with a lot in twenty twenty. Obviously it was so tough because of all the code restrictions in this year. I feel like you can kind of move around a little bit. You can really see see people in and you can still talk to guys who grabbed guys off the field so to speak so This is the best. Personally i felt like. This is the best camp that i had so far. So it's been it's been really good. It's been busy out. It's been good where you're doing an excellent job covering the team as always. We just did a another episode yesterday. Our water cooler chat in usually what we do. Is we update our listeners and whatnot with some of the sights and sounds from camp in a around from yourself. Lyndsey patterson and james had all the great folks there. I basically just stuck on your twitter account. Yesterday was like just go. Just go read ben babies time because he was just you were going through all kinds of different plays all kinds of different things which was awesome so appreciate the awesome coverage that you've been bringing all of us. I guess where. I just wanna start as a as a general question for you. The fan base is really optimistic about twenty twenty one. The national media. Maybe not so much. What's it like within the field in the within the team in terms of optimism. It seems like there's a quiet confidence a little bit among that among that team but maybe you can fill us in a little bit closer on that. I thought what what joe bureau tells the. Nfl network today was really telling and he says. There's really no moral victories here. And i think joe is ready in. This team is ready quite honestly. It's get some wins and there's a there's a very solid understanding that you know that this rebuild process or or this era kind of all these losses stack up a should be over in. This should be a team that i i've maintained. I saw the vegas over under. I think it was what six and a half at one point the offseason which is incredibly low. I think if the bengals or anywhere near that You know you're looking at some big walter questions about the future of this franchise. i think this should be attained. that hovers around the five hundred mark in realistically. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that they compete for a playoff berth. You think about on the nfl. You really should be competitive. Like chasing a playoff or every four years Theoretically like your you should be losing for that wall of a time. Then i think when you look at how the bengals have drafted the money that's been spent Was with blackburn. Thought was a very very telling which you talked to the the bengals uk. The podcast out there and those folks and they do a great job as well as do so many people now covering the bengals it in kind of a new space. That really wasn't existing ten years ago. And y'all are are part of that as well You know. I think it was interesting that she said that. The expectations are high. That you know. She pointed out that the that the team is really overhauled. The rostro a money's been spent and for me. It means all is are going to be on sack taylor and the staff at if everyone stays healthy to see what they can do this here. Speaking of everyone staying healthy. I think that's been kind of a change of pace compared to recent years there. I mean woodham knocking on resume really been any major injuries. News the Have come out of camp so far. There's been a couple of guys who have been silent for limited periods of time. Can you give us like a quick update on who is still working on the rehab field to believe fred. Johnson just came back to work today. But is there anyone on team right now. Who still kind of working back from injury and can you give us any updates this up. What you what you have seen yet did today. We saw eli apple still working out there. And he's probably the most enrico allen of the safety they signed in the offseason and out at apple. Who's a cornerback. Who was i believe. Most recently with the panthers bounce around a little bit more first round pick. Those are the two big guys off the top. I think of obviously larry jobs back and we quickly realize he's back the last couple of days. He's just been phenomenal on the inside. And then you know. Fred johnson coming back social significant a. Take some pressure off of the the backup tackles. There would probably be right there another. They moved the anti smith the rookie inside. So you know. I think you i. Apple has been pleasantly surprising. What he's been able to do and how he's kind of been that second quarter now You know with the twos. Rico allen who. I didn't really think. I was gonna skeptical western. If he was going to make the fifty three man roster. I think initially had cave on frazier. I quickly realized that. Rico and i think will be that guy It'd be somebody makes fifty three. So you know those are the with these. Last couple years we've been used to there being significant injuries right now and knock on wood but so far..

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