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Do me a huge favor. My friend and drop me a review down below here on apple. Podcast you can also follow me on spotify and iheartradio and we're also on audible and pandora and all your favorite podcast ask so would that be and said. Let's dive in good morning and welcome to another episode here on coach's corner. We are so excited because we are here in negative two degrees in greeley colorado. And not only that. But i've got special guests this morning. We've got the wilson's from the j. T. c. and they are on the. Yeah so we're about to dive into this awesome awesome conversation Just about their life their organization. They're street everything that is involved in it. i'll tell you what this couple has been a blessing to holly and i Just within the last six years and so we've done ministry together. We've done some outreach together. We've done some prison ministries together. And i'm getting tongue-tied of all the stuff that we've done together and now here. We are in greeley colorado or are we in glendale we in glendale okay freely. Why yes so without further ado. I am going to introduce a man. E wilson and his awesome quing lady jaye and so we're going to dive into this conversation of what j. t. c. is What they've done where they're at and where they are going so just open us up ian. Let's dive into this conversation. How did this all begin. Wow well thanks for having us. Coach's corner here greenlee colorado got a foam colorado degrees but Basically we moved to dallas fort worth area in two thousand five. I work at the airport and There was a lot of suicides taking place on my job. Two thousand six in two thousand eight. I believe it was very time we turn around. Somebody was taking their life and so for me. It got overwhelming to continue to see the same scenario repeated out so i said you know. I'm tired of seeing this. I got to do something about it. So what i begin to do is just gather men that was working with me. It's still working to this. Stay at my job That we get to sit down and have a conversation right so.

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