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The severity of some of the stuff they deal with. My witness. I don't know all of it. What? I've experienced it, you know, and they need support. They need love and I'll tell you what Through the phone. I could count. They were just beaming, beaming. As you count how they meet whatever. And I would take you know what I come in and give you pep? I'll come in next to me altogether. Come in and tell you I want to shake your hands. If you're willing. Ah, hug out whoever I can You know what Kudos to you for taking just that. What? What A what a personal and Ah, And what A this says Mountains about who you are August that you would take the time to do that. Because that person to person contact no matter who it is a white officer, Black officer just to say, Hey, we know you guys were taking a load of abuse right now. And we're not listening to everything that we're seeing in the media. That would tell us that you're bad guys. We understand you're good guys, and we appreciate it. So thanks for doing that. We're trying to spread that message, and I'm glad you did in a personal way. That's a that's a terrific thing. August take care. And thanks very much. Lets go to Tim and Browns town. As we discussed the The federal intervention, which is now embraced by Mayor Duggan, and by chief Craig hates him. Hey, my God. Good, good afternoon guy. So I'm just kind.

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