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Commenting about this homicide investigation reporting live from Merrillville Courtney to spend WGN news when I was young woman us he's a young man was shot and killed in humble park shooting happened just after seven PM an alley off the fourth fourth with a block of west Thomas two men were sitting in a car when someone walked up and fired shots the second man's condition is stabilized so far no one is in custody also new overnight a man was shot to death in a war of the victim was found in a vehicle the two hour block of south Lincoln about one o'clock this morning the man's name is not been released yet police are investigating what led to the shooting crime stoppers is offering five thousand dollars reward money is Aurora schools will have counselors available today to talk to students and staff about the loss of a district one thirty one alone who was killed in Afghanistan private first class Miguel V. alone died Saturday when his vehicle hit an improvised explosive device in Canda her province he was one of two soldiers who died in that explosion the Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack me alone was twenty one he had attended east Aurora high school and Waldo middle school flags in Aurora have been lowered to half staff of the ministrations trying to explain the president's claims about why he authorized a drone strike that killed a top Iranian official John Lawrence has more president trump says a runny in general Qassem Soleimani posed an imminent threat to the US because he was planning numerous attacks I can reveal that I believe it would have been for embassies but when defense secretary Marquess per was asked about specific evidence regarding the imminent threats all the money allegedly posed I didn't see one with regard to four embassies as for national security adviser Robert o'brien I think that's that's for a minute and I don't get a definition for a for that but we we took the measures necessary to protect American diplomats both US sprint Brian back president trump's rationale for the fatal drone strike but there's some bipartisan concern I've learned not to simply take the federal government's word at face value we've heard that the from the secretary of state that they don't know where or when but it was imminent that to me does seem inconsistent democratic senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut tweeting Friday that there was no mention of plant embassy attacks at last Wednesday's briefing ending with there was no such imminent threat frankly I think what they're doing is they are overstating exaggerating what the intelligence shows I'm John Lawrence reporting president trump tweeted a warning to Iran Sunday telling leaders there to not kill their protesters who have been demonstrating against the government house speaker Nancy Pelosi says senators will pay a price if they try to dismiss the impeachment case against president trump without calling witnesses Senate Majority Leader wants a speedy trial without witnesses but pelo C. says a trial without witnesses and documents will amount to a cover up the house is expected to transmit articles of impeachment to the Senate later this later this week now if that happens Mitch McConnell says the trial will begin immediately democratic presidential candidates are preparing for the final debate before the Iowa caucuses tomorrow's debate with the small so far with only six candidates on stage those who made the cut this time around former vice president.

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