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Today on something you should know it's coffee good for you or bad for you or what the look at what the science has to say then we're learning more and more about heredity what your parents do and don't pass down writing means a lot to us and it's really interesting especially because now we can look at individual gene so for height i can give you listed jeans and say i know that each of these genes plays a role in how tall you are plus i'll explain how couples can stop fighting about money which is one of the biggest reasons they fight in the first place and a fascinating look at how apologies and forgiveness really work by the way you know you can continue relationship without forgiving the other person and one of the myths about forgiveness is that you forgive or you don't forgive a hundred percent and that's not true all this today on something you should know somethingyoushouldknow fascinating intel the world's top experts and practical advice you can use in your life today something you should know mike carruthers one of the things i've learned doing this podcast is that the titles of each episode really matter and the more clever and witty and suck you in kind of titles i can come up with the more people listen in the first few days of the episode being published so i spent a lot of time trying to come up with clever witty suck you in kind of titles but in the last in the last episode episode one seventy five i really struggled with coming up with a clever title for the interview i did with henry timms author of new power and the best i could come up with was how to harness the power of online communities which i thought was really terrible but i couldn't come up with a clever witty way and did pay the price.

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