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Twenty three in Alberta one fifty two and for about two miles approaching one twenty eight twenty four north bound slow Bracht into the merging Randolph Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on the three little far again clouds in Boston now sixty six degrees we will see some early sunshine today by showers by this afternoon along the south coast and Cape around eighty for the high cloudy sticky overnight sixty five to seventy very warm and humid tomorrow some early sunshine giving way to clouds the afternoon to bring you some showers or thunderstorms highs around eighty five degrees feeling like the low nineties this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good morning I'm down below learn here the five things you need to know at six forty five to shooting scenes overnight in Boston Dorchester in Mattapan police say at least three people were taken to Boston hospitals sixteen people injured when a bus crash to rand off last night police say the driver was attacked by a passenger punch for not making an extra stop the bus had a car and a utility pole investigators on the job in el Paso and date now after the weekend mass shootings in the hunt for clues to the death toll is now thirty one red Sox finally win one they beat the royal seven to five last night charges for disgracing our R. Kelly this time in Minnesota prosecutors in Minneapolis accuse Kelly of prostitution and solicitation here's correspondent Jeff Wagner while on tour in July two thousand one court documents say Kelly held an autograph session at the city center in Minneapolis where he would meet a seventeen year old fan but instead of just his signature he gave the girl his phone number she called and was directed to a downtown Minneapolis hotel we're Kelly was staying then ushered up to his room she was over two hundred dollars take her clothes off in the dance she accepted two hundred dollars they proceeded to dance court documents say Kelly then gave the seventeen year old V. I. P. seating at his concert at the Orpheum Minnesota charges are felonies Kelly is also facing child **** charges in Chicago final respects there Sir sure Kennedy held a twenty two year old died at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis port last week she was a daughter of Courtney Kennedy and Paul Michael hill and grand daughter of Bobby and Ethel Kennedy her funeral was yesterday in Centerville.

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