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Her parents. We'll hear his final words for the girl in poor right after traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the tens has gone out. John. Well, it's getting better on southbound. I twenty five you're still backed up a little bit as you make your way down toward the eyrie exit because of construction that ran late on southbound I twenty five it back things up big time. This is the best. It's looked all morning long. But you are heavy around the area exit. You're heavy around one hundred forty four down to about Thornton Parkway. And then right at I seventy six your downtown drive is pretty busy southbound starting at I seventy and you're heavy into the tech center starting at Santa Fe for southbound. I twenty five southbound five loaded up from I left this morning. A lot of traffic on Parker road arapahoe. The cherry creek dam road you drive onto eighty-five. They just cleared that crash eastbound eighty five at Knox court, but you're backed up solid back before federal trying to get into Inglewood. Lot of jamming on that. Sixth avenue drive coming out. Lakewood your. Eastbound I seventy drive over I twenty five and eastbound seaport seventy a lot of that is bright sun. We got big backups in the commerce city area this morning westbound. I seventy six is really slow from ninety six all the way down to two seventy. There was an earlier crash that did a lot of that damage a lot of people went over onto highway two, but that's a bad idea. Because now southbound highway two is closed at eighty eight northbound is temporarily closed Quebec it's all because of a rollover accident on highway two and commerce city a lot of people using now Rosemary to get around that delay. This report is sponsored by Ashley homestore. Ashley homestore's anniversary sale is in its final week. It's your last chance to save up to thirty percent or get no interest for six years come in with today and celebrate together with style Ashley homestore. This is home. See store for details. Next update at seven fifty KOA. Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Radio seven forty two. We had to the CBS four Colorado weather.

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