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Either way. We can't wait real you. Rush. We'll be one of the headliners couch Chela fill. You're a bigger fan of rush than I am obviously Tom Sawyer was their big hit which says it's the biggest hit. Sure. Like what the average person would now. Yeah. Because I always think Russia's one of those where like everybody likes to go deep with rush. And I'm not one of those people that go deep with a lot of bands. Oh, they did a whole album Bob about that. So, but they'll be part of couch. Chelsea we've got Queen as headliners we got rush who would you like to see it couch cello, totally different than coach Elliott. Go anywhere stability of that. Three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. We're talking about the economy. There's a great article about you know, the fact is the apple struggling and one of the reasons are struggling is people fixing their iphones, the fixing them if they break, they fix them rather than go buy a new one, and that is hurting. Apple and apples fought in many places to not allow people to fix their iphones. Did not give them parts to fix their batteries because they want you to purchase new ones. And at the same time. They want the environment to be good. So they don't why do that. Because they'd rather you. Fix your phone instead of having to produce new phones, which hurts the environment. It's it's crazy. But yeah, I mean, that's the thing about Android is there, you can fix it. You can fix it. They're not that expensive. You're paying in many ways for some things. But every phone has something unique to it. And when you get to the level of the big, Android phones and the big iphones there. So similar in so many ways, what's your preference in some people willing to pay the premium for it? But obviously not right now three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at Chadbensonshow is your Twitter. So Mr. lead who said that she was gonna impeach that m effort was asked by reporters. Go. Oh..

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