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And whether or not it's right necessarily for team principles, understand the needs to be communications between the right director and the tapes. Absolutely get that. But there should be a designated person and I don't think it should be the same principle because as we transited through Singapore air force and I walked past a group of people and all I heard was no Michael no. Oh my God. It was no, that is so not right. It's just, you know, I once it's that part is hilarious and happy to have that kind of content in Singapore of all places. But it sort of just doesn't really make it fair. And we know and look even on the extreme a podcast we've spoken to Scott Hawkins in the past who is a deputy race director and was a deputy race director for that Formula One event. We found out a couple of days ago as well, not that we've had a chance to speak to him about it nor probably will we. But it's just an interesting insight, isn't it? Because I think that there's a lot going on for Michael massee. And in that moment, being shouted at by toto wolf isn't necessarily the best thing for him is it? Yeah, I think we can't guess what's going to appear in the recommendations of the report or whatever the report is going to find. We can't preempt the reports findings. I think it's fair to say the FIA will find when anybody investigates itself. Dare I say it is not too cynical to say that they will find that they were mitigating circumstances. If in fact, things were done incorrectly if that's the first point, it's fancy that. And I think one of them will be that the race director has been put under too much pressure by the teams. This is let's not forget Michael Massey still relatively new to the job. I don't think that's an excuse for any kind of behavior. Again, not preempting the report. Still relatively new to the job that really evolved with the man who held it in the past, Charlie Whiting. I thought it was, I thought it was a little bit gross to be totally honest with you the way Christian Horner invoked Charlie white in Saudi Arabia saying the sport misty my aunt, I can understand where he's coming from from heart, I guess, but I think he was really weaponizing that no way that I found kind of uncomfortable. But in that situation, Charlie riding had an authority that I don't think anyone would ever have again in Formula One, because the rule book evolved with him in many senses, he was formed a lot, he was almost the spirit of Formula One. Michael Massey is not that. No one ever will be with a Michael Massey sticks around for longer. He's never going to become that over time. It's just not going to happen. But so as a result, when we have what is, let's not forget the tensors championship we've had arguably ever. Certainly in decades, the pressure being applied by both teams was immense. Him having to deal not only with that with these team principles shouting at him constantly through the race. Combine that with the fact that it was a safety in the end of the Grand Prix we can't forget that the only reason he was a safety car was because there was a safety incident to be responded to. That is primary obligation. All of those stimuli combined with the fact that within 5 laps is going to be a champion decided. It's incredible pressure. You know, that is, that can not be for all the people who will be out there asking for Michael message hit all those kinds of things. There are arguments to be made for it. I completely admit that. But that is, that is a pretty substantial mitigating circumstance. The fact that he was arguably the only two people under more pressure than him with Max Verstappen under his Hamilton that point of the race, I would be inclined to argue. That should probably that will probably be a finding in his report. But then subsequent to that and this is what I think we both want answers to and everyone does is that how did the race director come to conclude that the way the safety car restart was undertaken? Was in line with the rules. I don't really buy the stewards conclusions after the race. I don't think very many people do seem like a pretty ambitious reading of that article. But that is what has to come out of it. Why was that decision made and was it acceptable that it was? It was very interesting listening back to all of the team radios and I did this yesterday with a bit of time that we had. And listening to all of the reactions, of course, Daniel kado being at the very front of the queue of the drivers that weren't allowed to unlap themselves and of course there was Lance stroll in between Carlos Sainz and the ability to obviously get his third position which he did anyway listening to his radio was very interesting because he was like, what's going on? Like literally through the team also had no idea. This was the thing. The safety car will be in this lap, cars will not be unlike themselves, and then suddenly, on Ocasio we unlocking themselves, but only the 5 between Lewis and max. And I think the way that it all transpired so quickly, it just felt like and again, this is the thing if I is here for safety and that's it. It just felt like there was an element of the entertainment side of Formula One in which liberty has done an incredible job in the last couple of years of building that up. Really just into the thought process, it seems of Michael Messi in that moment with everything else for him to say this is what's going to happen..

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