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Your down in Pleasanton morning how about yourself all we do in our directory yeah how about the only thing I'm saying a wrong but that's good though peonies are phonies yeah yeah okay I know I'm probably if you're a girl around here and what all I need to do to get on the girl so help me out where did you see him or did you buy some more auditing a lot once she's always like come out soon about a couple of cattle okay okay yeah well the question is there easy local and by local instead of going from like these are all out of state yeah yeah that's what I was gonna get to there there are very hard to grow here they're beautiful beautiful flowers but they really do best like in Washington state Oregon in places like that where the they get much more cooler nighttime temperatures and no more rainfall may be of much better soil so we really I don't recommend them here you can sometimes see some plantings here and there towards east Houston going to the eastern part of the state where the souls a little bit more acidic so they did we really don't recommend them here in saying that you know there's always that exception so there was a nursery a woman drove in nursery grower out of California a Japanese breeder was doing some work on some peonies peonies and we did get some plants a few years back and amazingly we group basically grooming containers and common acid based oil and they're in they really perform pretty well and yeah about what I was thinking about doing was trying to girl made some type of preparing an N. they didn't do well but this selection was a new new heat tolerant one early sets with the breeder was saying but the price point on those are so expensive so you can check with some of the independent nurseries fan extra mail burgers or any rainbows and safe to bring in any plans out of California particular monorover nursery maybe they can put a few of those on the truck otherwise if you want to try these other ones a grown man kind of an acid base good potting mix kind of shade and when it gets too hot and see how they perform and then a similar flower they kind of grows similar to that you might look at the maroon poppy it's not as big but it's a it's a nice double looking Marin poppy that's out there you can also look at like cactus or dinner plate type Dalio's those you can find her name involved packages at this time and plant some of those and then do it a trial and see which ones perform best free okay and what is the best time to plant down here pretty soon when when you can find them now going into that now going into the spring time okay okay I didn't know if I need to plan on I just got to finalize the Big Lang right now right yeah that's contabilidad couple years but I've been telling you they probably won't break down here yeah right so okay all right thank you for calling out thanks for the call and this go real quick to Jo Jo white sugar out this morning okay I have how can we help you one quick question well the shade tolerant St Augustine grow in full sun yes definitely okay so for for years and years it's been like I'm a del Mar and then Ameritrade then pow meadow this new it newest one is called F. J. select so there Saint Augustine strains that basically when they commercially grown they grown in full sun like regular turf grass in the in the commercial of fields but then what they do is they start digging some of these varieties out and they put him in these test plots under shake off with twenty percent up to eighty percent shake off as we would have shade trees basically and that's how they look at the ones that perform in a more shade tolerant scenario so yes they will take full sun thank you all right thank you appreciate that match a clip of the way we get to question normally that's correct and then that shade taller one you know if it's super deep shade it's only going to perform a year to it really needs a little bit like GM yeah where we have.

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