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You could hear him all over the building. Here's Devil's keeping it in now getting it back to the point. You'll accomplish shot right on and all Mark swallow that one up. There was a cannibal. He was right there in that lane was clear that Lena's could see this pot coming. Syrian gold, which moves that the cooler cough. Thompson's out there challenging and force him to take the shot. Couldn't get in any farther, but you see that lane right there. Goaltender is going to make that save all day long. Lena's does a nice job, not leaving anything laying in front exurbs that puck Engineer Bryson Tips it back. What's the line and fired it through center that missed and it's gonna be a nice thing. This time against Buffalo as Purnell Carl Suban goes back to pick it up. Guess they know I would call him PK and Zoe. Rough. Also, Do you think he requested that or I don't think so. I think that's something that happens when your baby right hand the stuff. I'd have to check, I guess with Mr Mrs Suu badness, See if that's true or not, but Would make sense. Is a blood bank up the boards now and through center inside the devil's line. Rightful to cry face and picked up there by Ryan Murray. He got it the center. He contrived to steal it back, couldn't do it. But then he got a stick in the way the second time and it's knocked down by Zach and cleared in over the line. Sabers taking it back. We'll work it out to center and do that's brought in over the devil's line. He couldn't chasing after it got checked, but they must be heading back again, momentarily finally flipped his echoed etcetera. He drops it back. Murray. Inside his own line, allowing his team to make a couple of changes. Eight minutes gone here in the third period. Macleod. He whips in over the line goes out,.

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