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Ideas that merged which was was how to value another human being and that and i think i've said in other ways race when you know somebody's patties race. That's least information you. You don't know anything. The real information is elsewhere. When i first read the bluest sti- the thing that struck me the most is <hes> that anybody who allows themselves to be defined outside of their own personal vision for themselves that is a form of insanity and look at what the world has done to women and get out pull. Uh pull it up shaping up as you know you see young girls now thirteen fourteen years ago having plastic surgery already the colored contacts well would have to go. I should say that tony use it did pull the colour wouldn't have to go buy some style number one question but why did she have to go insane. There were no exits thank you. That's exactly there. Were no exit. There was nothing there were no adults. <hes> there were no teachers. There were no parents. There was this man in the neighborhood who said yeah you're right. You're horrible. I'll fix it but she had no doors open into her so she made a door for us and that was her of.

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