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Thirty three hundred eight hundred nine four seven thirty three hundred eight hundred nine four seven three three zero zero. Jersey one one point five two weather. The mild side the next few days of rain chances on the climb around here. We'll see a chance of showers around tonight. Lows dropping down to the middle and upper forties. Rain showers around to begin Thursday, mostly cloudy skies, highs in the low sixties, north lost seventy south and a warm and humid Friday with a chance for a few pop-up showers. Looks rainy towards Friday night once again, highs around seventy on and off rain and gusty winds over the weekend. Highs mostly in the sixties best chance of rain is going to be Saturday list of tenth Sunday by the religious, Mark sibito. Fifty five degrees in Jersey City. Fifty seven degrees in Paul's barrel. Fifty five degrees in heights down fast. Traffic instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one oh boy that one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five another one bites the dust. Let's please not be the Roosevelt elementary school. Well school is a fighting to stay afloat or giving her love Dennis for that quote are given her. Be that eight point six million dollars in preschool. How do you feel about that in west desperate? They go from one point two million in preschool funding this year from state, and we get one point eight million in the coming year under the given his budget plan. Let's talk to Jones in Tom's river on New Jersey one point five Joni has jockey. I don't have attached. That's okay. You don't need Chachi. Your joni. Right. I'm Joanie think. About that. I would've I think.

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