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To unlocking some of the keys to restoring and maintaining health. Thank you so much for joining us, Dr Teitelbaum. Oh, thank you for having me. Your book is wonderful and later in the show. I'll share what Verizon laud who certainly world renowned as an arbiter practitioner praised in your book. Why don't we talk a little bit about you, though? I why did you decide to go into healing? And why did you start in chiropractic? Well, the ancient doctors have India wrote these textbooks called the Shastri Indo Shastri's and those textbooks they said that just about every Hiller themselves would be sick during their lifetime. But by being sick. They would eventually learn how to cure themselves and in the process, they would want to heal other. When I was younger. I was very sick. And I try. Western medicine that didn't work the problem van was that were fairly new country. We don't have a tradition of holistic medicine, so I had to. The country. Could offer me was. Nutraceutical richer like synthetic vitamins minerals. So I took that approach for awhile and didn't receive any benefits, and then I learned about IRAs ADA in the early nineteen eighties. And and finally when I found that I became so healthy radiantly healthy that I felt so passionate about it that I decided that I would use this in my chiropractic craft. It's lovely I and I love how. Assessable you've made it, you know, I've read a lot of things about a lot of different traditions over the decades, and I've skimmed in and out of all your bait on I really do believe your books. One of the first ones it just gave me the simple keys to share with others. And I thought maybe we could start there because there are some basics to how the system sees the body as a mirror of the universe. Why don't we start there the elements that were made of right, right? And that's why I love data to really treat any condition, and especially you have to start at the root cause and all the other systems that I can see are starting to superficially. A for instance, if you have a leak thyroid, they're saying take thyroid medication. Here's the hormone. They're giving in so easily. Now, the thyroid thrown into hibernation because it no longer is called upon to make it's hormones so in that we do the exact opposite in the ancient text books. It was stated that before any prescription. Has written. You have to find what they call the hey to the hey to means the underlying cause or we call ideology nowadays. So we're very fortunate in that the practitioners learn very events. Pulse. Diagnosis were you could pick up different. They're kind of like directors behind the scenes of a movie, for instance. So with our health we have under our body, exactly mirrors, nature and in nature. There are different elements earth water fire space air like that. So we have those same elements in our body. The ancient doctors, call them vodka kaffa vodka, the element of space in air, the element of fire and cough is the element of earth and water. So in the pulse, you can feel how these energies are doing and we can go deeper and deeper to see how they're affecting all the organs in Glenn. We can also identify. The seven tissues in the body, which are blood plasma blood muscle fat nerve bone, bone, marrow and reproductive fluids. And we can also identify the four types of toxins. So then once you can identify those things, you can puzzle pieces together and each person because what your pulse is consciousness vibrating, everything in nature has vibration, including all of our cells all cells in the universe. We are exactly a mere image of the universe. So in the pulse is consciousness vibrating. So in the pulse, you can detect underlying imbalances that maybe the patient doesn't even know or there, or maybe they haven't shown up in bloodwork yet, you can feel things brewing. So that's another thing that I love about. I related you could pick it up in the early stages when much easier to reverse, then if it travels through six stages of a disease processing becomes a full blown disease. This one of the things you point out, and you hear a lot, you know, there's so much confusion now, and I myself have read Sony books recently by somebody doctors about diet and thyroid, and then I read yours in the mix, and it's like good Lord. People are getting pretty what's the right word narrow and and eliminating all kinds of foods. You know, if there's elected in the food like the skin on Haret or cucumber and there's these Stockton Gandhi. Who's very well known for this. They plant paradox. And he does people start stop eating those vegetables stop eating grain stuff. And I'm thinking to myself, you know, for millions of years people have relied on rice, and sway bean and millet and certain things that they're saying to eliminate so not to like, and then there's others who say, oh, no, that's what you should eat. And but you make it pretty clear as do they and all these other kinds of diets they're out there now and some people in crazy directions. I think. Into very extreme changes. Is that inflammation is really kind of the bottom line of so much of our illness. Well, it is. But just to go back a little bit. The reason why there are so many conflicting diet circulating around is. Because again, we are fairly new country. And we don't have this long-standing established tradition of holistic medicine, though was happening. Now is that people are theorized. We'll maybe this died good. Or maybe that that's one issue the other issues. This just about everyone that I see in my practice on a daily basis has devastation to the digestive system and the immune system. And what I mean by that is that there are so many pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, birth control pills. Immunizations proton pump inhibitor or the acid reflux medicines and many others. That's totally upset the digestive system by destroying the friendly bacteria in the gut deliver the bone marrow, which is where the immune system cells are made. So. What's happening on top of all that other issue that I just mentioned is that. When people eat foods nowadays, they're reacting to them because their immune system and digestive system are so upset then when I was younger we had say, maybe one immunization nowadays, the children are given Seventy-three and son was much devastation to their gut that most of the children, I see have food sensitivities. Now when I was younger, we had no such thing as a tree nut allergy or see what I'm saying or the immune system back then was fairly normal and autoimmune diseases have increased by five hundred percent since the onset of all these pharmaceuticals. So so layered on top of the fact that we're a new tradition. We don't really know what a good diet is. And in fact, we have one of the worst diets in the world in this country with all the process frozen leftover foods on top of that we have weak digestion now from the overuse of the pharmaceutical though that people were thinking. In reverse. They're saying oh glutinous so bad for you. Oh, dairy is a poison. And the real truth is that people are turning it into poison because their digestive system is so. Compromised. Yeah. Yeah. So that's what I discussed that issue in my book. So we've been there before you touch on that, you know, people go running to the store to buy this probiotic without knowing what they're buying our prebiotics, and and without proper guidance as you point out in a naturopathic doctors and others point out. You really do need somebody who can help you do this. I mean, I've seen people try to do cleanses on their own, and you can get really sick. I mean, this you're you're you shouldn't play with this. It's really about doing it properly. So it's done safely. Every issue that you're mentioning now, I will discuss thoroughly in my book and in there. I talk about the fact that every new patient I see has depletion of the friendly bacteria have way of testing, and yet they all tell me that they're taking probiotics after seeing that for the first eight years of my practice. I attended a seminar doctor came from Europe and he brought in a very expensive microscope. And we looked at every probiotic company took two days. And the cultures were dead in every company, and there was only one company that had live culture. So when I contacted them they said that it's very difficult to make a probiotic and keep the cultures live during the processing. So in the beginning, they might have four or five billion cultures or whatever. But as they process it the cultures die. So they ended up writing a book about how to process it correctly. So all these things are things that I have researched. And now, I use my practice. I only use that one probiotic. I instruct the patients, and I teach them if they follow my guidelines, and they let me and I can help them fix their digestion, those food sensitivities go away and then little by little we get them back on track. But what's happening nowadays is what you just said everyone's saying well carbohydrates have a problem a protein animal protein. Why don't we do more plant-based? Why don't we do low five map? Why don't we do know? Gary, and no, so there's basically no food the left, and then when that book came out about electons now, there's no grains or vegetables left either. The ancient India disgust all this five thousand years ago. And that's what I talk about in my book, and they said that every vegetable has a problem associated with it. But if you cook the vegetables, the problem goes away, so for example, green leafy vegetables like kale charts. Spinach have accelerate acid in them. But if you cook it, most of it evaporates outs announce fine. They said toast, the lentils before you cook them, toast them. They didn't have the words fight Tate's electons back then, but they knew that you had to kind of preach hosts them to help make them more digestible. So they wouldn't give you gas right or you soak them overnight. So they knew all this and IRA vague is kind of like the science of what do you need to do to this food to help it in yourself to prevent side effects from the food. And and so many other things what happens to the physical channels when it comes in. And so all these things I will discuss in my book. Because no one has ever talked about these things they are so common in Veda. But the problem in America is that data's fairly new here. And some of the books that I've read by the doctors coming from India, and they're lovely doctors. And there so intelligent. They they have a hard time translating from the sanskrit. So I was determined to make this palatable to the American where most of the books I pick up, and I tried to read them I have to put them down because I don't understand what they're saying. So I can imagine that the lay person can't understand them either. So I I set out to make this book palatable to not only the lay person make it easy enough to understand. But also, the season practitioners are going to learn how to fix this irate and their patients because I can see that they themselves are not understanding this epidemic, and what to do about it. Because it's fairly new since we've taken so many pharmaceuticals and exposed ourselves to so many types of toxins that would upset the thyroid function. So, you know, it's interesting I have hyper thyroid, which I'm overcoming, and it started after I got a vaccine hadn't gotten since I was a child. Okay. Tell us. They wait. They gave me a tetanus pertussis. I had a choice of tetanus diphtheria or her test. This for us. I went all right. I'll go with whooping cough. Maybe I'll meet a baby. And it'll be helpful talk to us about. Why? Okay. So what happened was that two things?.

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