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Some hiking in a hike to the top of cheji though the i'm sorry is touchy judo i i miss speak it's called saric son sore exxon mountain i'm going up this mountain they're like literally chains linked up to hold onto as you're going over these precipices in such and i'm out of breath and i'm going up and i get like a third of the way from the top adam breathing heavily and up from behind me passes me this grandmother she probably was seventy four years old with her whole family whole families go climb to the top of the mountain because it's a very a considered like a holy site and dumb i was just impressed with how many old people were climbing this mountain and i was like a fit twenty nine old it's a different the different society my friend it is it was wonderful i had a great time and so construction eat superchargers and construction to in canada to in the netherlands australia uk one in us and norway and three permits have been pulled to in the united states and one in the netherlands so we have a nice week a good number of superchargers and it's really spread all over guess it is indeed and then so we wanna crush my car you want to send my car into space which seem his salute ridiculous it seem like when you said it that we had this sort of put you out of your misery because your baby losing it a little bit but then there may be from electric yvonne comes out and says he's launching his roadster into space the roadster you put five thousand dollars on now it's actually his rival first roadster oh his original roads original red over it you think he did the battery up grave he's like i don't know i'm kind of over this roads i have a feeling maybe they tried the battery upgrade before they were doing that australia's roadster dozen dr anymore so he thought what the hell through take the battery out and.

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