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In the series. Either way game three is behind them game. Four almost a must win situation for the dodgers about two hours away. Reporting live at Dodger Stadium. John perr KNX ten seventy NewsRadio will. The angels might be leaving Anaheim team told the city it's opting out of its lease at angel stadium. This clears the way for the angels to negotiate a new lease or to look for a new home. Anaheim city spokesman Mike Lister tells KNX next the city is confident the angels will stick around for a long time. We never take anything for granted with a baseball team or any business that we might have here. But we think this is the best place for them. It's been proven for decades now, and we think it's a matter of sitting down with them and finding agreement that works for them works for our residents spokeswoman for the angels told the LA times team officials would meet with city leaders after the upcoming election to discuss options, the current mayor Tom Tate critical the team's lease proposals during negotiations for years ago. A new mayor will be chosen after the election. Angels previously considered moves to other local cities, including Tustin the teams split the beginning since nineteen sixty six it's four ten. The LAPD is seeing a significant increase in radio calls. Response times have deteriorated on urgent and routine calls. The LAPD got more than seven hundred and five thousand radio calls in the first nine months of the year. That's about forty four thousand more than at the same time last year chief Michael Moore. Now in some portions of the city an average response time to a routine call is more than as more than sixty minutes. That is something that I have to change the problem. Predates more time as chief and the shifting of officers from specialized units to patrol that began before he took the helm and Joan continues pointing to the loss of detectives in the elite robbery homicide division. Moore says he's on borrowed time with some of these realignments, and he's looking to reduce response times by providing officers with better technology and cutting unnecessary task cluggy pesky Todd KNX ten seventy NewsRadio our eye in the sky is checking out the one oh one Hollywood freeway between downtown Los Angeles. And the Cohen pass that's coming up in traffic less than four minutes from now, it's four eleven there are two kinds of people..

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