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Ah, let's bring in our good buddy, Sean Salisbury, former NFL quarterback host of the Sean Salisbury show on sports talk 7 90 in Houston. Let me start with something that was just brought up again by a listener. Do you think Lamar Jackson's contract status has anything to do with his availability against the Bengals this weekend? I would hope not, Dan, because I'd go back to the pre season when he could have said I'm not showing up like we've seen guys do in the past and not play the regular season. Maybe it's sitting on the point where the frustration started to build and a teammate of his and roquan Smith got paid. Maybe it all did the cumulative effect, Dan. But I'd like to think and I'm going to give Lamar more credit than that to think that if considering legacy and on the line that he and his replaces, people don't talk about, but him and thinking about it with a chance to do something he hasn't done and get to a Super Bowl. I think he'd like to do it. I'm in the back of his mind. You don't want to get hurt, but I think he would have done it at the beginning, not the end. I think that he's probably just not fit and ready to play. You, of course, cover the Texans. They lost the number one pick. And we were wondering, in the moment, if you get the touchdown, now it's a fourth and 20. And you're going to go for a two point conversion. You're going to lose the number one overall pick. Now lovey Smith is trying to save his job and Davis mills is trying to save his job as the starting quarterback. I understand all those things. But if your management could you have somehow got a message down to say, let's run an elaborate two point conversion that we know might not succeed so we can get the number one number one pick there. Well, a lot of spread it out of the press box is a general manager and I knocked his ass out before he made the play call. That's what I had done. Dan, is there such thing as a crappy win that was it? Now. Of course. No doubt about it. Because number one is levy Smith wasn't saving his job. I guarantee you they knew going into that that he wasn't coming back because they didn't just wake up after the game said. I think we'll fire him. They knew going in that no matter what, even if they had a one by 40 Dan, he wasn't going to keep this job. So yeah, I would have said, first off, Davis mills, yeah, we want you to I know we want to showcase you, but I think we're going to run the inside zone read with Jeff Driscoll the whole game. That's how you control it 'cause you know, Dan, players and coaches are like, even if you know you're not gonna get fired or are, you're like, screw that. I'm gonna leave it all on the table and so are the players. Davis mills doesn't want you drafted Bryce young, or CJ Stroud. So, of course, they're gonna play it. Now, I gotta tell you, it sure as heck also look like the colts. I mean, when you jump up and the ball goes through your hands and you're going like that and completely missing, it's like, come on, get a stop on two, 4000. But yeah, I would have created it in the week leading up to it.

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