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Starting now you can get a transcript of each week's rich dad radio show just visit www dot richdad dot com slash radio and download a copy today this is the rich dad radio show the good news and bad news about money here's robert kiyosaki hello hello hello robert kiyosaki the radio show the good news and bad news about money and my sweetheart kim will not be on the program today she is doing her life's passion which is to play golf today we have a fantastic show for you and the theme of the show is that money doesn't make you rich and all the time i hear that you know well when i have a million dollars all be rich and all that that's not true i'll sanit repeat it again that theme the theme of this program which radio shell is that money does it make you rich and today we have champions on this show guys who are millet multimillionaires in their twenty s oh i wish i was rich and all this but what you're going to find out is that money doesn't make you rich so our guest today are three champions as i as my dear friend rod smith two times super bowl champion and three times pro bowler use an entrepreneur and author and he played for the great denver broncos or other guesses ryan boils former nfl player of the detroit lions he's a rookie of the year in two thousand twelve today's an entrepreneur real estate investor and he was he played for the university of oklahoma and he's a first team all big twelve and two thousand eleven and other castes chris redman nfl career spent with atlanta falcons and baltimore ravens i mean these guys are champions and i know you know this is a worldwide broadcast and not everybody played gridiron or football as football.

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