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Bad route 38 up into Lindfield three North Usual stop and go up past Concord Road. 93 nouns slow going up to Medford. My King deputy busy traffic on the three, thankfully, nothing severe out there anymore. We did have some severe storms earlier in the evening, but it looks like right now we do have a couple of downpours, especially through southeastern Massachusetts could see some lightning out there a little bit of thunder, but again no severe warnings or anything. So that's a plus this cold front making its way through the rest of the night. We could have some heavy rain from time to time, but you'll notice as the rain starts to dry up and make its way out. It'll feel cooler. And not quite so sticky out there. We've got a low tonight in the upper fifties, right by the coast. 50 if you're north and West now for tomorrow, mostly sunny, nice not again so humid out there high in the mid seventies Thursday Fantastic day out there mostly sunny, beautiful high in the upper seventies. Live local and fiercely independent. This is WBZ NewsRadio gray skies right now in Boston. But the rain has stopped, at least for now. So that's certainly a plus. Where at 66 degrees in the hub at 6 15. Good evening. I'm Nicole Davis. Hope you're staying dry tonight. Here are the five things you need to know right now on Capitol Hill, the Senate voting on a measure to advance a Democrat back to voting rights bill in that chamber Republicans, though expected to block that move. Two year old A two year old girl had to be rushed to the hospital this morning after she fell out of his second story window at a home in Worcester State of Massachusetts, confirming 33 new cases of coronavirus Tonight, seven day average positivity rates sitting at 70.34%. Secretary of State Bill Galvin wants speaking Hill lawmakers to act faster when it comes to extending mail in voting here in Massachusetts. Alright, 6 16 new information.

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