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And if you have the Lexa, Google home just say play WFAN, and you'll be locked into the fans so hats off to Kenny Atkinson, and Sean Mark says the Brooklyn nets for the first time since two thousand fourteen twenty fifteen they're on their way to the postseason. I know for some net fans they were little nervous. They're all anxious. They're wondering the nets gonna choke away. This chance of getting back into the postseason when I have to worry about that any longer. Taking care of the Indiana Pacers one away ninety six on Sunday, and how apropos for a net team that has it exactly had an easy road back to the postseason. Not having draft picks. Not having the ability to going get the best free agent. That's on the market. Dave had to make some really shrewd smart roster decisions that really shaped the complexion of this thing. The Angelo Russell trade. That's exhibited. Think about the ngelo Russell. And what his narrative when he was leaving the Los Angeles Lakers guy was being labeled a bust. He had all this drama the stuffing, Nick young. And Iggy azalea is performance on the court. It was a nightmare for him in LA. He came to Brooklyn kind of blended into the culture one about his business. And you know what? Now, he looks like the player we all thought he was going to be when he came out of Ohio State. He's an also you think about Spencer Dinwiddie, you'd think about Joe Harris, you'd think about the way they have developed taking talent from one point taking it to a different level. That's what it's all about. That's the sort of winning culture that more than Atkinson had started to build with this team. Now, I read the cut Harris played Spencer Dinwiddie, so well and good, you know, we're not just happy about making a postseason. We wanna make noise in a postseason. Great gluck. Because Brooklyn now will be matching up with either the Philadelphia seventy Sixers. Well, the Toronto Raptors. You compare their playoff odds to what you're going to get with the islanders who now. No, they have home is. And it'll be Mr. Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Starting. Wednesday night. At at.

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