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Have a smart speaker just say play WFAN if latest updates on the corona virus please to to our sister station WCBS eight eighty or ten ten always radio sixty six well it is good morning to you and how you believe from my kitchen at what is it one oh seven or is it one oh six it's one oh six all the old one of these days I'll learn to tell the correct time with just seconds like I used to when I was a young man it is good for you and I he Steve severs here of course you there on the other side of mine or afraid to writer miles away Michael Pfleger woman over the one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six for a final one hour cruise right up until JJ after dark at Troon on your bedroom exiting Bob Hughes slur hi miss running into you in the bullpen in the news room and I hope you are saved by hope you are healthier you sound great of course and working until four o'clock in the morning let me ask you this because the other day I misspoke I want you to we were led to set the record straight and tell a soul that Jones Hazen was a better older than the than Donald grant for the New York Mets well I again just to back up a little bit for I'm sure most listeners who don't know the background you had a a Kohler sound like a great guy reached out to you last week at some point yes and he had memories of Mrs patient which is what everybody called her and he was a Willie Mays fan and he wanted to just get a little background on how Willie Mays became a mat which did happen in nineteen seventy two and of course he did play in the nineteen seventy three World Series but that's about Willie Mays right he wanted to know what you could tell him about Mrs pacing and I think and correct me if I'm wrong I think you were may be when you thought of Payson and the ownership era maybe you were thinking about when the daughters do you roll ladies took over the team after she passed away in the in nineteen so D. five because those were pretty dark years for the Mets and M. dollar grant was running the show then and things and really force went down hill on June fifteenth nineteen seventy seven yes the day the Mets music died when they traded Tom Seaver however I didn't think that you are familiar with Mrs pace and because it was back in the in the nineteen sixties when inmates were actually born and so I would sum it up this way without Mrs Payson there are no New York Mets that's not to say that I would not have been a New York National League baseball team that was going to happen in fact you had two teams that we're going to be brought in as expansion teams the New York National League team and the Houston Astros as they became Mrs pace it was on the board of directors of the New York Giants and soul was M. Donald grant okay they were the only two directors who voted to keep the team in New York at the Polo Grounds it always okay was it harsh Stoneham who brought him to San Francisco and the rest is history I'll have another drink with Horace what are you saying okay so anyway Mrs Payson and then dollar grants remained you know they were they had a relationship at professional relationship from the time with the giants and dollar grant was a stockbroker a money guy this is Payson was money she came from hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars and she was wonderful she had she was a philanthropist I mean to the tenth degree she spent her entire family no did so much philanthropic work she was involving she was Joan Whitney Payson you know the Whitney's Omar street is famous sure he was he loved ferre bred horse shields all horses in fact one of her horses actually in nineteen seventy two beats secretariat oh you're kidding yeah yup she loved the horses and she got that just as the stories told mmhm she and M. dollar grant had a conversation at at a horse I've maybe Gulfstream I think they were in Florida and Mrs Payson told ME dollar grant she'd always wanted the owner own baseball team M. Donald grant said he'd always wanted to run a baseball team so when the opportunity came along you had the money this is Payson who own the majority of the match mmhm you know roughly eighty eighty five percent and V. M. Donald grant had some equity in it M. dollar grant he was the chairman of the board and hired you know great baseball people to run the Mets in those days and of course they were who they were from nineteen sixty two through sixty eight but circling back to Mrs Payson Steve the most beloved owner in the history of the match this was a woman who as I said had more money than you could ever imagine sure it was eminently approachable she always said the same see she went to all content she went to games all the time machine ATM whole grounds mmhm she was so wealthy the fact that when the next one on the road and she decided she wanted to travel she could get her own Pullman car and but she was sit there she would pose with fans he would sign autographs the players loved her she was made friendly and and just Veritiv tremendous rapport with the players and her favorite was Willie Mays and so finally when the time arrived that she time was right the editorial Willie Mays back to New York Willie Mays became a bet in the may of nineteen seventy two and there was an effort Charlie Williams very good very good Hey here's the thing basically basically what you are saying Bob is that Mrs Tyson might have been more popular than the well ponds okay hi I'm trying to come up with a clever rejoinder so I'll leave it at the sarcastic tone yes at all by the way before I forget what you said the other day about John mako and Harris Allen to but what you said about those two especially Manco from all the years that was very well done that you know again and make John make the make man you have has been just the outpouring has been just overwhelming I talked to him this morning and it's still kinda like surreal form but all of it is so well deserved I don't need to tell you and I probably don't need to tell most of our listeners Steve no no they know this is this is a guy who as you heard him on the air that's who he was and Anna and Mike mentioned it on Friday he said mako was perfect just being make up an estimate and and he was great at what he did you know he he was the he was the the standard bearer for anybody who does what I do or the elders who have done subsequent to him but a lovely guy spoke with him at length today and and just realize well I'm not going to see him you know in the news room anymore but I'll be speaking to a mafia who did you speak to me do I think we large office for a second started easy god anyway we'll then we'll hear from a lot of the little bit later on my god sure sure we go to the calls or do you want me to throw to a break hello okay well what if Bob you dropped off a little bit that I thought you were I thought you that's another thing your getting out and that's it we all know you dropped off a little bit there so I thought you'd gone now glad to be with him okay still there anyway but the bottom line is no use as ever I mean it was very very fitting for sure and very eloquent and very nicely done on your part because yeah well I. N. and if I could leave you leave you with this sure I'm glad that some people also gave Harris is due yep who resist the supermini overnights doing this job and you know what I'd also like to give one more shout out to another person who surely tired sure in the past year that was twenty page yeah I don't I don't I do you know what I love to see I'd love to see things get back to normal ed on July first of twenty twenty which would mark the thirty third M. I. A. L. third anniversary of the fan July first that date mate mate meant so much to John mako love to be back to normal so we can bring in bank bring in Harris Reagan Tony page give the mall one more you know one more round table opportunity to just get together and talk a little bit and and given one more chance as a group to you know to interact with us and and and the listeners as well they deserve it that I that I think that's a great idea and if it's not done on any other program it'll be done you know with us in the night time that's for sure Bob I will hear from me a little bit later on sounds good we're is back I've been at the fan now for what the city ninety since ninety three and the I'm going backwards over where to be with you well as well are you working till four and you're also going to be doing work with the CBS sports radio network yes you'll hear me by the but the miracle that is that is radio somehow yeah hear me CBS sports radio network and.

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