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Australia inspires of fresh take on legs that sees the day mindset that reflects all that out pat does especially aluminum you outback steakhouse starts fresh every day to create the flavors that are meets current you've enjoy mouthwatering stakes grilled chicken ribs fresh seafood at the world famous blue with a new all of the four double prices doda under don't forget out backs unique cocktails winds premium liquors beer domestic craft the import endorsing outback steakhouse has relocated carry tacoma one woman street across from carry high school see you soon mates hi everyone welcome to the ratp being be a survivor and games podcast my name is by bloom talking about episode free of survivor heroes versus healers versus hustler's i'm joint as always by a lovely panel to really break on all these shenanigans from this past week's episode let me first introduced the person who is here week in and week out the host of the ratp bnb who is actually away from home for the week she has been running around frantically like four chickens that were one is rewards with their heads cut off liana boris liana however you been oh my goodness i have had an insane week okay so i am at a conference for biomedical engineering and i'm presenting my work so yesterday i presented a poster it's a threefoot by fourfoot poster and i had to bring all the way here and when i was done i didn't want to bring in all the way back so i just threw it away outside the convention center okay i thought this is the end of the story now i come out today and there's a homeless man carrying around my giant poster with all my work on it i have no idea what he's going to do with it because it's just a it's just a paper poster but it was so so bizarre iit maybe he's interested in stem cells i dunno i dunno it hit has been a very interesting week.

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