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Decided to rotate eight. I think it was eight starters. Eleven who didn't stop. She knows probably one of the only ones that remind goethe's way but you had buster at the back did really well. You are a cain Who went to events of course on from everton who scored two goals and was really good movement so power for respiratory the young kerr who michelle likes a lot and gab two who also scored and was involved another one so i guess work. Before we saw the drug and switzerland. They were draw against bulgaria before and changing the way that much and he did broke with a fresher new legs ideas in a way and and also the best team in europe. High been champion. Yeah we still have to give them a bit of pass for now. But let's see when you know when they have a big game in november against switzerland. They'll have the nation's league. Next month began as well against spain in the semifinal. Potentially finally against benjamin and franz off ron soon because that was brilliant in the bedroom francaise where we might be going together. So it's a man who racially abused became your soccer. Marcus rochford and sancho on facebook. After the euro's final you would remember robo after the penalty. Miss against italy received a fourteen weeks. Suspended jail sentence. Yesterday it's tough it tough enough to think well. I think it's about doing again. You know he's gonna do it again. You guys joe. For two weeks that's That's fairly tough. And and i think it's the right sort of punishment because it's terrible what he's done But is in too many environments and other environments. Where for science. Something you could go to. Joe is usually for physical abuse. Or wherever you've done or robbery what may be whatever but this is going out and social media the abuse. The racial abuse is even worse. So i think it's probably just about right. Yeah and it's a deterrent. That's what you want to stop want to educate these. Stop them doing it again. This unless he's absolutely stupid. We stopped doing it again. And we saw anton ferdinand in front of the. Mp's yesterday with with really really strong. and saying what. Why do you want. Now you wanna play to kill himself after being racially amused to do something so i think i think this is the right direction. Yes nasio pierre adams former french international passed away on monday jaws but it's not usually football stories. No it's an incredible story rub. Maybe a lot of our listeners and viewers may not have heard of amy plates in the great teams in france in the eighties. Yet i think safety caps human the defenders. We really strong together sent the box then. He finished his career. Very happy had a really good career. Not the kind of money that we have now but he was happy with his family business after he retired and then when four knee surgery at the hospital really something very simple. They got the wrong and he. He went into coma for thirty nine years and passed on on monday at the age of seventy three after being a coma for thirty nine years. Incredible how the domestic life up in the hospital. His wife was alongside him all all the way through all these years i think there was a there was a point where it could not take anymore. But it's just incredible when you think that you go in for surgery and you never wake up this crazy. She never really a chance to say goodbye. Exactly you'll find. Millions are s chrysler. Robo going from something side to something that i could become side but we haven't heard your opinion about this. New idea also put forward about every two years we heard garrison get not being completely against it. And that's maybe because i think that's organizing a world cup coming up would you send former player. Naza as a pundit. I don't think over saturate international football four years the olympics for the world cup. You look forward to a great builder so i think it's just about right. I think really well. If you start making every two years. I think people will actually lose interest in it more than than gain interest. That's always the way i've always been you know. We saw last season where we had football on every day at the of the of the Every every in other ways. Yeah in the end you shaw coming going slightly inch true bit of interest in it and i think if you over two years that's what happened to the world cup. I agree with you now. We know the decisions taken by the french disciplinary committee against niece and marseille after the incident during their game a few weeks ago and they could be quite surprising. Joe yeah. I think i would tell me what you think. Because as you remember damaged by it goes to a corner the seventy fifth minute he gets pelted with bottles and stones rose a bottle back they will trust. Come onto the page stop motto don't want to restart the game and it's interesting because the discipline committee decided to replay the game but the whole game not just the last fifty area hold game with nil so forget what happened enough as game up to the incidents on neutral grounds behind closed those pirates. I get one suspended much okay. I'll our silos. Who came to help. Eamon really got the crowd going. And you know didn't really have the situation got too much bon straightaway and and also niece got docked. Two points one suspended so one point the minus one point if you will not before even because crowd reaction of the reaction. They will get three games to play behind closed doors. I think this should have been tougher. i i don't think i wanted to sinise for a good few weeks playing with funds back. I think it should have been suspended for throwing the bottle back you. Don't you can't react way. We said as as a pro you have to retain yourself. I his heart so in the ends. Yes there's some decisions taken batting. They could should have been a bit tougher. According is being robbed ozone riposte jesse lynn. God is turning down. A contract extension amnesty united. He's off contract in june robo. You were him would you. Would you be doing the same absolutely. That's good absolutely jesse lingered. You'll still very good footballer. He's still in the england squad. Do you want to sit in manchester. United's under twenty three's and very rarely play. Yes you got your your money coming in if you got any sort of pride in your footballer you've gotta go and move somewhere else. And that's what he's what jesse lynn. God's gotta do. He has improved when he went to west ham last season. He's still can be a very good player and he's making more gone. Signed for somebody else not on an extension lease contract from are you. I still there right now absolutely. I mean i'm not sure what stopped him with mentioned wages..

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