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With running out of bounds after which left left the office aboard Barnaby six oh two to play in the first half thirty one twenty seven Illinois and the final four Arizona the pace of this game is unbelievable Kevin and he's got to pull it up and down the court you can see a lot of people out there now Villanova brown is what both of these guys are in great shape to this place is unbelievably intense Stottlemyre abilities on a picked up the ball Paul it's the first Illinois a free throw tonight making it a one nine thirty two twenty seven they lead by five and six oh two to play in the first ten hello again right and free throw away need wall pressure the Miller picking up but it's a very light pressure struggled on the floor six point lead holds the biggest legal it's going to work with will the circle be drawn to the Peter denoted by the brutal between his legs once the ball is on the court please bullet jump ball the result of the see that's the difficulty once you get caught up in this kind of price when you get there port if you are going to have to hide it better they have a means that is very difficult to slow the pace down and get the ball where you want to go because you get caught up in a fast food have been you want to noodles looking over some notes on there was on the sideline standing in the field so in the nineteen room who's been mooted but look real friends of the president what I was looking at what changes about a couple section five forty six of one thirty three twenty seven Illinois is on top of the result of the above the baseline the lob from Adams to regenerate to top the circle with the keeper of the Rogers it makes the fifty takes a three round it's no good rebound tap in front Adams wants to fix it back up the mobile to stardom what's up with the little thing is the one to get a poor result is there a group there within four Illinois leads at thirty three twenty nine that got the ball Williams up my left side Williams speech what to the key words got quiet dribbles into the circle bounces based one plot point to the corner right the baseline beats on the sidelines of the brain once again the point mark went into look real good over bright rebate in removal of all the loose ball we will not only was fouled inside the resulting both of these teams are short and wide bay a plan right now and a lot of people are just watching the defensive rotations the switch in the trapping the supporting is a beautiful thing to see these guys communicate like that thirty three twenty nine Illinois leads by four five old three to play in the first half the first free throw by good news up to no good is a senior from San Antonio Texas comes warm part of the game for a little while taking the place of looking ahead until you go to the beach with his head down it is some kind of pays thirty three twenty nine one night by four women need to do a better job of boxes loaded defensive boards because the height of Arizona is getting second shots there are men in room it's the second free throw for Illinois and then I'll be five five who's going to take to promote the right one of the key were delivered twisting and turning around Augustine's deepened sidelined pastor Rogers rivaling the bride with the double play to split them up resulted by doing Williams four one cute little about me reporter well brumett terms leading the thought of it a good guy he'd be proud to salute to put quite a bit from the patrol did get fed though as a result of follow on Saddam's picks up his second ball quarterly zona man warned six nine sophomore Dallas at the free throw line for the Illini reporter thirty seven of one of the poorest of the little above planted with vines six main resort is led by as many as four new to the game prefers only they have double high polls will close those plans roll hip or hop pop with a turnover problem inside lotus free throws up within as a result of makes a couple changes will bring back the engine one McClellan and stuff for sure the checkout Stottlemyre Littleton is also taken out the sun Adam Saad group will resume by rebels Lutherville took the place to do it Williams for the Illini at this place Kevin you have to use a lot of players this is what they call abuse alone game the person in the room is a lot of prevention thirty six twenty nine illinois' on top by seven forty to play first half moons on a with the box there's a pilot flying Rogers we dribbled once and be one of the key words but because you're poor Dennis green verbal to the top of the key moments in the return of the two poles of noble money looking for a quote or fraud mandolinist Illinois what the president does little bones in sixteen seconds on the shot clock with which store owners was trying so hard to get the ball inside the noise making an adjustment now to get the little killers with repressive drug enforcement side the front Leeds lead by four with a triple seven and got the ball in Rogers will result in a desperate need of the two girls a right sideline pass to McClellan shot what it really should is it possible a little bit of the floor we've been rebounding signed by all the singles Levi's seven mobile one okay three fifty two to play in the first two rounds one point in room winds up a little a police line looks in a congested lane beats on top of the circle brings with it through the baseline past a deep brown shot from well known brands news analyst Michael Rogers is number one in red hook up the right sideline Ludovic hooks a better topic needed to cool one of the key issues in the circular David noted by Augustine right wing Rogers who was working in the fly on the flight to Springfield read more the little defense force them into her finances also feels the need to log in right now will only lead to thirty six twenty nine three thirteen to play in the first half was a break in the action would be a one.

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