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Thirty eight degrees in Boston at twelve noon. Good afternoon, I'm Doug cope. And here's what's happening. Democrats are calling it the climate action now act they say lays the groundwork for initiatives. Expanding clean energy house speaker Nancy Pelosi. Clear. National security experts have spoken. This is a national security issue. She says the measure they're introducing what combat climate change by reducing carbon pollution and honoring. The Paris agreement commitments made by the US under the Obama administration policy went on to say Republicans have no real plan to combat climate change. Well, listen ever Nabokov is I have a homicide on their hands. Also, a suspect on the loose WBZ. Sheri, small with the latest just after nine o'clock last night. A man in his fifties was found stabbed on the street on Bradford terrace residential area in Everett. This was the last good area of this city into weeks changed Chris has lived in the neighborhood for twenty years. He says it's the second stabbing here in the last two weeks. I want to sell the house and get out there. Because I got a daughter that I gotta worry about how old's your daughter twelve. She walked home from school every day. And even though it's not late at night. It's still it's it's horrible. The victim was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. The DA's office has not released. His name police are still searching for a suspect in Everett. Sheri, small WBZ Boston's NewsRadio after to Arlington girls were stuck with a syringe WBZ's. Karyn regal went to look at a Roxbury school that's been plagued with a litter of drug paraphernalia. WBZ's? Karyn regal. Oh, we'll just found the needle. I walked outside the orchid garden school in Roxbury with community activists. Domingo's to Rosa. We found five just a few feet off school.

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