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Yeah i think that's right. Yeah no no later than that. I would think yeah I mean it also depends to like what he finishes in terms of. I guess he. He's only been playing shortstop recently. Yeah so by the way. I was and he has eight games at third man. You'd have to get in there and the rest of the year to get to the twenty. So let's you had lower gate to entry in gets ten. That's possible for for franco. But it's at eight right now. By the way. I wanna point out. I meant no steals in the hot run. He has to on the years two for three. So there is some but we haven't seen a ton yet. But i think people have to be very. He doesn't in a since june. He's not focused on on base at ton he's worrying about just getting on base stain amazing then scoring. He's been he's been awesome. No it's been really really huge and fun to watch. And i'm excited to see him on the october stages well most wanted to bring them up to give gifts and profit also see kind of where he thought he'd go and i think if he puts up like five homers and three steals wrestle like just continues to go off. I think we start seeing second round. I think there will be people. Taking him in. The second agree is adp. Will i think be in the third but that means that people on the front end. We'll be taking him in the second filter that's wonder franca. Let's go on the opposite end of the spectrum and talk ice cold lawyers looking over the last month. I got a group of players. Here that They're not they're not doing it and they're rostered in tons of leagues so the fact that they've been this bad is painful. We're going to start with manny machado. Who has to thirty one to seventy three. Seventy one line does have three homers in that time but It's it's rough and then you'll get the full season line. The upset about it twenty three and ten when they one twenty-one wrc plastic. that's that's good that continues to be good with machado. But do you have any concerns about the the week. Play here down the stretch or is he still just descended. Forget and you got to eat. You gotta eat the roughness right now. Because he can have it three homer day on a diamond and get back on track. Yeah i mean. I think this is one of the few ones on here where i'm not particularly worried about it. that i'm that. Yes i know. It's been rough for like the last month but the key could he could finish september with like ten home runs and we wouldn't yeah and is input. Tim any guys on here award. Just gonna say you gotta keep starting because that that's not really help finding get a lot more guys that are. I have to make a decision but it was started with machado just to calm anybody down. That's like oh he's he's really is fumbling the ball down here as we get to the finish line probably been tough for those and head to head. That haven't really got much as they're fighting for a playoff spot that can be frustrating but overall he's been a big part of the success of teams and he was just on fire in july and basically just came all the way back to earth you know. The regression came quickly. Yeah no heaven. Eighty four zero. Ps with eight homers and a three fifty seven badminton. July comes down six thirty three with two seventy two mab. Three homers in august and of course has one game in september. So don't panic machado's fine. We don't need to spend too much time on him. Let's get to the next guy. His teammate tommy fam- who is far from his sturdy as machado in terms of what. You're doing out there no years thirteen thirteen on the year. I think he becomes a tougher one because that production is there with the power speed. But you're looking and you're saying this is now two months in a row because he was awful in july as well. Six fifty five. He's at five fifty seven in the last month with two homers in august so two homers each of the last two months and only one combined steel with three caught in july is found someone to cut. If you're not. I mean definitely reserving him i think is he on the chopping block for you. I think yes to be at this point Which is unfortunate. Because i mean i love tommy fan By i mean to home runs since being august zero stolen base zero temps yet. Ninety nine even. Yeah we're not when he's not even trying and one of the reasons you've got him first stolen bases he could be nursing and he kinda often has bouts of injuries that That can cause issues like this where he stops running for a while and he goes in waves. So it's been really. It's been really tough for him and he's not playing very much either. That's another big thing. That i think makes them kind of an easy. I think you can actually start cutting him. Deeper themes like fifteen teamers. Maybe that's not even crazy man. I'm saying that like it's like it's a thing. Maybe that's like a doughy like of course we're doing that but if you're on the fence about it i think you need to got fam not playing. And when he does play is not going. Well what are you hanging on for. It's a name value that you're thinking right now but you gotta go out and get somebody that can play but numbers in. I didn't even realize how little he was actually playing because he has so many pinch hit yet bags. Play the games played. His is a lot larger than the actual plate appearances. That's why like ross resource. You can look at the last six lineups and seeing that. He's only been in two of them so he's probably played all those games. 'cause he's you know a bad off the menu gonna bring in fam- but it's just not there i think he's i think he's in everywhere. Cut i mean. Nfl only we're always putting off to the side there so hard. You can't cut anybody who's breathing. Basically now. i'm frustrated and then only leaks. Yeah exactly exactly so just putting those off to the side for all these guys. I don't think i'm looking at the list. I don't think i'm cutting any of them in el coronel only maybe reserved them. Because what are you going to pick up is the real thing. Yeah mix though fans out. And i think this this to me you tell me if i'm crazy here is always been kind of like an al fam- to me in my head. I guess he hasn't run as much. Maybe that's where the breaks down but austin meadows seemingly always nicd up..

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