Sean Spicer, Reporter, CNN discussed on John Gibson


Live from the epicenter of the american liberal media complex i entered it is john gibson show it may you know about this maybe you don't but it cnn is just having a cow yesterday at the press briefing sean spicer decided okay no cameras today the press briefing is up to the the person conducting the briefing whether they're going to have a cameras and audio or just audio or no camera no audio just pen and paper you might have to has a reporter in the white house briefing room right things down and of the you know the reporters don't like that because they like to be a tv hugh another truth the cameras are on their is always a cutaway shot from behind spicer looking at the at the room and focusing on the people asking the questions peppering spicer question sir and he just decided there's too much showboating going on in need any aegis from time to time going to say no cameras today asked me questions i'll give you answers in that will be that well jim a cost of from cnn just went bad bleep crazy number thirty one dan gang sean.

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