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We begin in Auburn with marina, a new big problem actually, southbound one six seven at highway eighteen we've got two lanes blocked, the left general purpose in the HOV lanes blocked with a crash a fire department is there, and we have stop and go traffic from fifteen th street northwest as you try to head towards that scene. As chess really struggling we have slowdowns southbound I five from highway eighteen out of Federal Way down through the five curves. Southbound once the five rather getting into downtown is bumper to bumper solid from Northgate into town. Southbound four zero five still real struggle in Bellevue between five twenty and coal creek. Northbound is also heavy from five twenty pass totem lake and continues kinda be sluggish up past the five to two interchange. Northbound I five leaving Seattle you're gonna find some slowdowns as well between the Lake City way area as you head up towards Lynnwood. All right. A number of problems as well in west Seattle, the west Seattle bridge westbound on del Ridgway the off ramp is blocked partially blocked with a crash we have in magnolia crash long-term investigation. And they're on Thorndike and the stretch of roadway that's closes between Crockett and twenty second was a fatality crash. So it will be a while as they investigate that in Bremerton. The Warren avenue bridge is closed both directions because of a crash affecting both northbound and southbound northbound backed up from highway three or four southbound backed up from Sheridan and discovery bay area highway twenty both directions affected by a crash at eagle mountain road. This look at traffic brought to you by the Everett clinic, though, you love the fall, but not the flu the ever clinic Harris for that get quality treatment at their fifteen clinics throughout Kingston, homers counties. Visit care for that dot com next. Komo traffic at five thirty four KOMO forecast. We are a socked in right now in downtown Seattle. We're going to get.

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