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Generic multipurpose stadiums in the sixties and seventies lucchino wanted to break out of the multipurpose paradigms and build a new kind of baseball only stadium one that felt old an old fashioned traditional baseball park with modern amenities if we use that phrase once we used to ten thousand times in fact lucchino became so zealous in his commitment to building a old fashioned ballpark that he banned orioles employees from even using the word stadium indeed we find people five dollars if they use the s words stadium instead of referring to our project as a ballpark a stadium connotes something very different in terms of uh saizon monument talyor the did your a collect on those finds yeah we did collected a little party don't remember how much we got but it wasn't insubstantial the orioles struck a deal with the maryland as word authority to build a new baseball only ballpark in baltimore using mostly public money the city and say government saw it as part of an effort to revitalise downtown the stadium authority hired the architecture firm h okay and the orioles brought in their own design director janet marie smith my assignment was really tear take those words that he used over and over again of an old fashioned ballpark with modern amenities and try and make certain that we were really being true that it wasn't an easy task and no one else had moved into center city and said we want to be a part of that tapestry and golly maybe seventy years.

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