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Were the situation, we would be supportive of it and wanted to be as short as possible earlier this week, deuce. He told reporters he quote, of course, would not want to see the border shut down specifically because of the economic impact it could have on Arizona's Arizona Republican congresswoman Debbie Lesko tells C span there's an emergency on the southern border, and she hopes away to secure the border can be found without shutting it down. Let's go says the United States is under invasion at the border. Arizona. We have people trying to dig under the fence thousands. Hundreds of people showing up, you know, the the customs and border patrol are overloaded. She says that also goes for detention facilities. Isis twenty two thousand migrants have been released across there isn't a sense December twenty first Jim cross KTAR news says it was a fourteen year old suspect that fired at troopers early this morning near Maryland and forty third avenues and troopers returned fire. No one was hurt. The says it all began when the team failed to stop and then ran off after GPS tried to pull over the car for not having the headlights on. The team was booked into the MCS, oh, juvenile facility on charges of attempted first degree murder and other charges today. A group of rich and powerful people stood before a judge in Boston for a hearing on charges that they bought are cheated their kids way into elite colleges are from the glamorous red carpets of Hollywood. Actresses, Felicity Huffman, and Laurie Lachlan. Hounded by reporters outside federal court in Boston therefore, hearing on mail fraud charges in connection with that massive college admission scandal, a total of twelve parents stood before judge among them real estate executives, a lawyer, doctor and a litany of CEOs all facing criminal charges. Punishable by prison time that is ABC Lindsay Davis house. Democrats calling today for house members to convene and create a code of conduct. This comes after the recent resignation of state Representative David stringer who allegedly sexually abused teen boys in one thousand nine hundred three. Time to check on the traffic..

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