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Welcome back David Broza key posting WTMJ nights first wild again call in please give me your opinion your thoughts on the topic of the prison population Wisconsin should governor Evers try to or attempt to cut the prison population in half I have some additional thoughts calls or text us and the acting it mortgage talking text line seven nine nine one six twenty seven nine nine one six twenty Kyle from Tulsa texted in he's pretty quick in St we don't need a prison break we need a cultural shift with that other Steve from Grafton Steve appreciate you hang on what are your thoughts on this topic should governors cut the prison population and if so how does he do that Richard colored by whatever the person or whatever to deter crime does what the punishment should be here all figure back there's no call for them to be imprisoned for what they do and they're just sitting there are you know you know time up while we're paying for it you know what day did yesterday she gets in return you know that's that's my philosophy should all you want to go to prison thing at all you know women aged people first you know that you were going to put him in jail the next thing you know they're gonna be back all doing the same thing over and over again thank you for the call Steve there certainly is an issue of recidivism and people coming in to the prison system being released and then unfortunately coming back a couple of other things to discuss in this area first of all the Wisconsin prison system as currently constructed is over capacity the prison population in Wisconsin or I should say the prison system is designed to hold about eighteen thousand inmates it's currently holding a twenty three thousand inmates that certainly causes problems it's cause problems certainly in juvenile facilities it's cause problems with correctional officers it's cause problems in population it well upon which is one of our maximum security facilities governor YVR is as he discusses this matter I think he sort of he sort of I I don't mean this to sound too harsh these little bit in the dark I I think he's a little bit out of his element I think governor Walker made a mistake when he was in office for eight years and he never visited a prison facility I in my rule I have visited many many prisons over the years judges in Wisconsin are actually required to visit prisons periodically I've been to Green Bay correctional I've been a wall pawn I've been to the juvenile facilities I've been to rid the Racine youthful offenders facility just to be clear as a visitor I've been to all those places as a visitor one of the things that governor YVR suggests is and all of our readers quote when we have people whose lives are being turned around in a negative way because they're incarcerated either for too long for crimes that don't need incarceration that's a moral issue for me I think that's why it's important he says that's why we're going to be successful from my standpoint with all due respect to the governor the prison system in Wisconsin is at the end of sort of a funnel you only get to the Wisconsin state prison system after you've been through a long line of the justice system you've been arrested for a crime you've been investigated by the police department the sheriff's department possibly the district attorney's office you had charges referred to the DA's office or to the attorney general's office to the local charging authority they review the charges so you're ready through sort of two steps of the process there if the district attorney's office decides to pursue charges then there has to be a finding of probable cause you go in front of a judge or a commissioner if you hear she finds probable cause the case progresses into the criminal justice system with criminal charges the one thing that I think needs to be made clear and I hope the governor and his people understand this and and and there are some state assembly pull some state representatives who are involved in this push or this movement as well a representative Shraddha who's a Republican from Oshkosh and representative Evan going key who's a Democrat from Milwaukee I know Mr Cokie he used to be a public defender in Milwaukee he's a very bright guy very very well meaning but one of the things that everyone needs to understand is that the prison system and the judges I should say already final out many many people hundreds actually thousands of people are set on other paths to deal with their problems other than prison governor YVR suggests and it's been suggested by him and others the well we should do more diversion programs I can tell you that there are many many diversion programs in Milwaukee county the district attorney Mister Chisholm is very very proactive on diversions he tries to keep people out of jail and out of the prison system in appropriate system inappropriate situations excuse me and the judges do that away as well when we come back I want to talk real briefly about the make up of the prison population in Wisconsin and then have interesting stuff story changing topics completely from Peggy Noonan about president trump this is David Brodsky you're in this in the W. T. M. J. WTMJ nights are you an over thinker hi Rick Adelman here hosted the rectal insure right here every weekend in three decades of serving folks like you and almond financial engines we've made a lot of folks were trapped because they were over thinking their financial decisions we get it this can be scary stuff you work really hard and.

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