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Way, had an amazing vocal and she worked hard. She paid off our debt. She sold the house fully funded emergency fine. Already to some of the money to invest into her kids house. I'm in a house but our kidsfuture Max Max, after four, K's at Ross and Investments And she had $22,000 to spend And she did not want to enjoy it. Because she was nervous. And Maybe scarred may be scarred for now. She was nervous. I'm said she was nervous. And I think this is a problem. That we have to address address it. Because about two weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago. I bought a Gucci bag. $3500 right here. $3500 and from my income, I didn't blink at all. Can I get online? I tell people I'm taking it back. Why'd you take it back? Because I wanted to. I didn't really like the bag. I mean, how did he react bag and into office? I can use his money somewhere house, But it wasn't because I couldn't afford it, 12, and it wasn't because I didn't like it was hurting me. No, I have other dreams. So why am I saying this is because what we teach here? Ramsey Solutions. Is that we want you to be wealthy. We want you to be generous. We want you to travel with your family. We want you to have the dream car. We want you to have your dream house. We want you to have the life that you desire tohave, but we do not want that life to have you. And so what we teach you is get out of debt. How a fully funded emergency fund. Why would we want you to have a fully funded emergence from before you go enjoy life? Because studies have shown that nearly 80% of people in America today can't even handle a $400 emergency. So if you have a fully 3 to 6 months of expensive set aside, you're already ahead of nearly 50 60% of people in the world. So that's number one number two. When you get out of debt, you can wake up on the first of the month. When everyone else is stressing when everyone else is stressing by their paycheck has already spent before they got it. You're not stressing why? Because you're out of debt. So will you work hard to build that foundation? You work hard so you can stand on the and build something that you like. Why do you work hard to build a foundation? But then you work hard to build something that you really don't enjoy. On top of that. Why build a house and a foundation that you don't like? I don't want you to build a life that you do not enjoy. If you enjoy this, you go. Enjoy that If you enjoy nice stains If you enjoy looted Tom bags if you enjoy for willing if you enjoy snowboarding if you enjoy.

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