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His frustration and grief threatened to overwhelm him. That was why his therapist had recommended that he attended the therapy dog event. Supposedly the common canines would offer comfort and help him recover from his mental wounds. The veteran wasn't wasn't so sure he wanted someone who understood what he was. Going through. Not a pampered pet but he straightened in excitement when he saw the nine year old Belgian Malawai German shepherd mix approach her golden for rippled in the sunlight and her big pointy is. Were perked up alert alert for any new site so sounds however. The veteran was focused on something else. She was missing her front and left leg her trainer Gunnery Sergeant. Chris Willing Ham introduced the dog as Luca she was a former marine and who had lost her leg on duty but even this tough. Canine had fun nicknames. Luca and Mama Luka. The young man reached forward letting Lucas Sniff and lick his palm. His heart swelled. Here was a dog who knew what heaping through and now she continued to happily serve. How wagging tail and lolling tongue evidence of her cheerful demeanor as S.? He stroked Lucas for the veterans suddenly felt a lot less alone in the world..

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