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But from new i imagined to eight pm it seemed like it was always for an end there is never break though is that like how do you put it feels like you're playing a direct a football player i just put in your body do daily punishment how what kind of both a grind like lowe's basically what was it like oh for sure it's excruciating but you know there's also hey a level of you know the restaurant business is kind of like a drug ends and certain personalities like are selves need that kind of energy to feel productive and feel good about ourselves and so that energy feels great to run around and go up and down the stairs and and just be in that hectic environment and i would imagine it's pretty consuming in that becomes your life does yes yes it's at eight you're out you're out of balance you're you're totally out of balance okay you okay we maybe not you know alcoholics or a drug users i don't think we could instill you know function in that restaurant in that it was kind of that busy but i think you know personalize it takes a toll on you and your family life you know me physically a double need replacement windows ten years ago i remember that yeah yeah which was nuts or partial anyway i mean i know wasn't only that but yeah there is a set of stairs their fathers are an up and down the stairs i don't know how many times they think about it and once everything is up and running about these are what you're going to reschedule like when we get there won't work till well you know year in two years in we open pasties oh god yeah yeah phone number that ninety nine then that you know was was good totally manageable until something happened in the meatpacking district but just the switch went off and that restaurant went from kind of like really kinda like only way i found it in middletown new york let me back in district is just like the it's like nightlife scene now but at the time there were still be packing janas errors iranian house warehouse fisher and i remember when keith open besties across the street that little barbie omar spanish right on in the restaurant the old sort of hipster twenty four hour diner and there is nothing else they're not like literally nothing enough and and now it's like you're on the strip in vegas is crazy and then the man's word hotel opening off the street and i gotta change the complexity i would imagine you're doing probably how many covered today there since then i mean in saint with a patio outside sixteen hunter comes at least on something like that great how crazy numbers it's that do everything by like how much of a staffer these place where you managing monsters probably a seventy sixty in the kitchen yeah i'm i'm exhausted just talking to you guys got past cesar got better than shoulders liquor bar open in men at a tavern opened late two thousands him at that point when you guys migrated over minetta what did you have to stop worrying about about that these with that sort of off your plate we'll wrists we still had oversee i mean we oversaw although we had cdc's a install schefter cuisines at at the each of the stores but.

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